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When planning your fishing trip carefully take note of the weather forecast and plan your fishing session during pleasant weather conditions. Ideally your looking for comfortable conditions with low winds, no rain, and low UV levels. Keep an eye on the local tide times and where possible fish near the peak of each tide which is generally when the fish are most active.


Selecting a rod and reel

Don't use your rod and reel which are simply too long and heavy, instead take the kids to your local tackle store and buy them a rod combo appropriate to their size. Rod combos such as the Shakespeare Amphibian, Rogue juniour, Mojiko small fry & Shimano Kidstix are terrific and affordable options. Add a tackle box with hooks, sinkers and line to get them excited. Put them in charge and let them choose the styles and colours. A good idea to purchase a 2 piece rod which can be easily stored in the car boot.



Make every fishing experience about having fun

Always look for opportunities to make the experience more enjoyable. Some ideas could include packing a picnic, having a bbq and enjoy a nice lunch with the kids whilst the rods are set up and ready to catch a fish.


Go camping and make fishing a key activity that is done during camping.


Taking some time out to try and spot fish such as stingrays, dolphins and small schools of fish, or other active animal life such as birds, pelicans or butterflies. This always makes the kids excited.


If your fishing on the beach add in some fun beach activities such as building sand castles, collecting shells, walking in the shallow water, playing cricket, or having a brief swim.


Practice catch and release. Young kids may not comprehend the idea of keeping the fish for food and they always enjoy watching a fish swim away. Often I will take my kids into a shallow area where they can go in the water and release the fish which is something they love to do.


Recently I purchased the Savage Gear lure making and painting kit. It was very affordable and I had hours of fun painting soft plastics with the kids. This is an amazing way to spark their interest by designing their own colours and patterns and catching fish with them.




Final word from the author

I love fishing and hope that my kids will become my lifelong fishing buddies that I can take traveling around the state sharing fun experiences and visiting new locations. I hope to incorporate fishing with other fun experiences such as camping and traveling. In my experience, its only made my relationship with my kids stronger and introduces them to a potential lifelong passion.


Anyone under 18 does NOT require a fishing license, so take advantage of that and get out fishing with your kids. You can obtain a copy of the latest Vic fishing guide here to help you get familiar with fishing rules


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