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Bullet Lures 5-0 minnow



Bullet lures have grown with immense popularity over the last couple of years. With a moderate price tag and exciting colour range this simple hard body lure has rapidly built a large following by local Victorians, Particularly throughout social media. Designed with fresh water species in mind the range of Bullet lures are great for targeting Trout, Redin, Golden & Silver Perch and Bass and recently have been used targeting estuary species such as Bream, Salmon and Flathead. However we generally associate this hard body lure for Trout and Redfin.


The Bullet lure gets its name from its long casting capability which is a tremendous strength from a hard body lure which generally weighs less then 5 grams. Allowing river  and estuary fisherman to cover great distances. The two models available are the 3cm minnow and the bigger brother the 5-0 minnow. The colour patterns are reasonably consistent between the two models. Depending on your location and target species  they come in a range of sinking, suspending and floating, with optional choice of rattle or silent and equipped with dual ST36 trebles which are sharp enough for even the toughest Perch or Trout.


Some freshwater fisherman will simply pack their spin rod and a range of bullets in different sizes and colours and their set for the day. I have  often done this myself packing a few Bullets to simply target Trout and Perch for many of Victoria's river systems.


If the bite gets a little quiet then sometimes ill smear a little bit of scent on the hard body lure. ProCure or S-factor is a nice choice when the bite is quiet I find this certainly helps.


Colour range

It's a massive colour range with some really nice natural, flash and bright colour schemes.


Brown Trout, Roach, Mozzi Minnow, Rainbow Trout, Galaxia, Mountain Trout, Gudgeon, Redband, Raw Prawn, King Prawn, Cooked Prawn, Bully, Brook, Redfin, Yellow Pearl, Paceys Perch, Pink Tiger, Lumo, Bumble Bee, Spawning Trout, Salmon Parr, Christmas Beetle, Clown,

Aqua Minnow and a range of UV options. As you can see its a very diverse colour range to choose from.



3cm standard minnow ( 3.7 - 4 grams )

5cm 5-0 minnow ( 5 - 5.4 grams )




















Species to target

The Bullet Lures were designed for fresh water species Trout, Redin, Golden & Silver Perch and Bass but have recently been used targeting estuary species such as Bream, Salmon and Flathead.



The technique is actually very simple cast out, allow the plastic sink for a couple of seconds then simply slow roll your built lure until its ambushed by a predatory fish. I generally just mix up the retrieval speed and amount of sinking time. If the conditions are right ill also add in the occasional pause and twitch.


I found when i first started using these lures that I was over thinking the retrieve and often pausing for too long which lead to many snags and lost lures. A simple medium or slow constant retrieve is simple and works well.



Bullet lures are sold from tackle shops generally for around $15 each. We believe this is a reasonable

price point for a quality and quite durable hard body lure.

Please refer to the Bullet lure website for a list of local resellers.



Terrific vibrating action

Cast a long way


Can target a whole range of species with one lure

Great vast colour range



Colors can scratch off after rough usage

Trebles aren't as strong as some other hard body lures on the market



Its a terrific product which I have used with great success in recent years. Its durable, affordable and available in a wide range of flashy looking colours that allows you to target different species. The bright colours look great and get the attention of predatory fish. If not its nice vibrating action will. Its a hard body lure that fresh water fisherman should carry in their tackle-box.


Final word from the author

I love fishing and hope that my kids will become my lifelong fishing buddies that I can take traveling around the state sharing fun experiences and visiting new locations. I hope to incorporate fishing with other fun experiences such as camping and traveling. In my experience, its only made my relationship with my kids stronger and introduces them to a potential lifelong passion.


Anyone under 18 does NOT require a fishing license, so take advantage of that and get out fishing with your kids. You can obtain a copy of the latest Vic fishing guide here to help you get familiar with fishing rules https://vfa.vic.gov.au/recreational-fishing/recreational-fishing-guide


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