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Redfin are an iconic bread and butter species brilliant to target using lures and soft plastics. Reddies are great to eat, come in big numbers and are awesome to catch when using light spinning gear. Redfin ( English Perch ) are very accessible species found in many rivers and lakes throughout Victoria. They are considered a noxious pest by some anglers but at FishingMad we simply love them and consider them to be an underrated fish species.


Frequently I get asked "What are the best soft plastics or lures to use when targeting Redfin?". The truth is Redfin are opportunistic feeders that will happily scoff many types of lures from soft plastics, spoons, hard body lures, blades, spinners, and vibes. Redfin are an aggressive cannibalistic species that will have a good go at anything that imitates a small Redfin or Trout, has bright colours or represents a natural baitfish. We can tell you with confidence that Redfin will often take a lure on the bottom so allow time for your lure of plastic to sink and to use bright colors such as Red, Green, Pink, Yellow & Orange which have proven to be very successful. Redfin love structure so cast close to weed beds and tree branches. When targeting Redfin on plastics or lures be sure to use a light spinning rod that's around 7 foot in length with a 1.5 to 3 kilo capacity complemented with a 1000 to 2500 size reel. Heres a detailed list of our favorite lures to get you started.


Grub style soft plastics

Curl tail grub soft plastics are a great choice for redfin. These are most effective by keeping them close to the bottom with subtle lifts and pauses. I will generally cast these out, let it sink to the bottom and retrieve by applying small lifts and pauses every few meters. Redfin will often strike when you pause and plastics tail is fluttering down back to the surface. So pauses are very important. A few casts in one area then moving on trying to locate the schools.


Zman grubz, Savage Gear Pro Grub, Squidgy Wriggler ( bloodworm ), Strike Tiger curl tail grub ( orange spawn ), Atomic Plazos, Damiki grubs and rippers ( motor oil red ), Storm Hypno Grub, Squidgy bug,











Popular spoons

Spoons have grown in immense popularity recently with the release of the Nories Wasaby and the Pontoon21 Paco. These spoons allow you to cover great distances as they cast a mile. These are great land based as you can get your lure into deeper water. Fishing these are quite simple cast out far then let it sink for a second or two then a constant medium pace retrieve. It's a good idea to mix up the retrieval speed and add in the occasional lift and twitch.


Nories Wasaby spoons, Pontoon21 paco spoons, Wrapping Minnow, Strike Pro Bob n Spoon










Paddle tail soft plastics

Paddle tails are another great option for Redfin and it's the simple movement of the tail which gets the attention of the ever aggressive Redfin. Paddle Tails are usually fished by casting out letting the paddle tail hit the bottom. The retrieve is a simple slow roll with some twitches and pauses. I generally have the rod tip pointing down towards the ground and vary the retrieval speed.


EcoGear powershads ( 278 ), Fisharrow 3" flash j shad. ( kosan'ayu/red ), Strike Tiger T Tail ( orange Spawn ), Redfin Imitation paddle tails, Zman Slim Swimz ( Pink Glow / Electric Chicken ), Savage Gear Fat Minnow T-Tail, Zman Slim SwimZ ( Calico Candy )











Hard body lures

Hard Body lures come in a huge variety of sizes, weights, colours and bib styles. Recently Redfin hard body lures have grown in popularity thanks to the Australian release Bullet Lures which cast a mile and are easy to use. There are many techniques to try when using hard body lures they can be as simple as casting out, keeping your rod tip down and retrieving with a slow roll or casting out and retrieving with a range of twitches lifts and pauses all controlled by your rod tip. You need to experiment and find what works for you.


Ecogear SX40’s ( bright colours, 301, 337 ), Bullet Minnow 3cm ( Redfin, Paceys Perch, Christmas Beetle ), Ecoda mini crank ( Pink shrimp ), Rapala countdown Minnow series CD5, small stump jumper, Rapala Scatter Rap CD, Bullet Five-0 Minnow ( Pink Tiger, Bumble Bee ), Jackall chubby ( Pink Suji )










Blades can be a brilliant choice and are great to use at new locations as they allow you to cover big distances. You simply cast the Blade out as far as you can, let the Blade hit the bottom then simply retrieve with small lifts of the Blade than a small wind of your reel to gather the slack line. Then letting the Blade sink to the bottom again. Basically hopping the blade up and down of the bottom. This will imitate a wounded baitfish and quickly grab a Redfins attention. You need to pay attention as often Redfin will take the Blade on the drop.


Savage Gear 3D minnow blade, TT switchblades and ghost-blades, ( Green & Gold, Red Nightmare and, Blue ), StrikePro cyber vibe ( 221 tiger ), Berkley Big eye blades












Spinners are a timeless classic for chasing Redfin. Spinners are usually fished by casting out as far as you can or near structure or into open water then letting the spinner sink until close to the bottom then simply retrieving. The retrieve speed can vary however a simple constant slow roll with some twitches works well. I generally have the rod tip pointing down towards the ground and vary the retrieval speed.


Blue fox, Super vibrax, Rainbow tsunami, Yellow and gold celtas, Savage Gear Rotex Spinners










Vibes are another terrific choice which can be fished in a similar fashion to a Blade. They too are a good lure to use at new locations providing there aren't too many snags. They allow you to cover big distances and can fish very well for Redfin. You simply cast out as far as you can, let the Vibe hit the bottom then simply retrieve by lifting a small wind then letting the vibe sink to the bottom again. You need to pay attention as often Redfin will take the Blade on the drop.


Savage Gear Fat Vibe ( Hard & soft ), Strike pro hummer, Micro vibe, Zerek Fish Trap Soft Vibe ( R colour ), Entice vibes, Insanity tackle Mini Vibe, Storm SX Soft VIB











Old classics

Timeless classics are just as effective now as they were back in there heyday. Although people are moving to plastics, hard-body, spoons, vibes and, Blades these old classics continue to work and produce solid Redfin.


Tassie Devils ( Pink and Green ), Hogback, Ondex Spinner, Silver Wobbler, Red and white Wobbler Spoon











Minnow imitations

Minnow style soft plastics come in 2 distintive tyopes, natural bait immatations to mimic a bait fish or brightly coloured to stand out and get a reddies full attention. These work really well and you just need to mix up your retrieval techniques and rig them correctly by using an appropriate size jig head and putting them on straight to enhance the plastic action. You may also want to consider using a scent like s-Factor or Pro Cure for nonscented plastics to increase your chances.


Zman Streakz ( 3.75 Nuked Chicken Glow ), Jackall clone Fry 3.25, Berkley Drop shot bass minnow ( Pearl Blue )









Bugs and Crustacean

Bugs and crustaceans come in a vast variety of shapes, colours, and sizes and are growing in popularity. With realistic designs and through to brightly coloured designs with a lot of imagination. The reality is they all work. Just remember to mix up your retrieval techniques and rig them correctly by using an appropriate size jig head and putting them on straight to enhance the plastic action. You may also want to consider using a scent like s-Factor or Pro Cure for nonscented plastics to increase your chances.


Savage Gear Mayfly, Strike Tiger Nymph, Savage Gear Manic Shrimp,










As you can see from the list above Redfin generally love bright colours. The colours I have always had success with include Red, Green, Pink, Yellow & Orange. They love anything that imitates a small Redfin or a natural baitfish.



Final word from the author

I have been targeting redfin for many years now and hope the guide above will improve your catch rates when fishing for redfin. Remember to adhere to the Victorian legal size and bag limits.


Always carry your Victorian fishing license and adhere to fishing rules and regulations. Consult the Victorian Recreational Fishing guide



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