Welcome to the ultimate Fishing Kayak Buyers Guide 2020. Kayak fishing is booming in Australia and globally. As consumers, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to buying a fishing kayak. There are so many brands and different types of fishing kayaks to cover a whole range of budgets. Starting with entry-level traditional paddle kayaks with basic features, all the way to high-end kayaks with foot peddles or electric motors. Finished with an endless supply of exciting accessories to take your kayak fishing experience to another level. This detailed guide will provide you with helpful information to make an informed decision about what kayak to purchase.

It can become costly to buy a fishing kayak so we would highly recommend that you.

  • Set a realistic budget
  • Learn the real differences in stability between models
  • Forecast what features and accessories you will need
  • Understand how and where you will use the fishing kayak

Fishing Kayak prices on the market 2020

Forget about specifications and features the very first decision you will need to make is cost. Setting yourself a realistic budget before buying will help narrow your options. Below we have listed different fishing kayaks available from most major retailers. We have sorted this in price from highest to lowest. Remember many buyers will increase their budget once they truly understand the differences in stability and features between low and high-end kayaks. The prices below don’t include necessary extras such as rod holders, mounts, accessories, roof racks, trailers, ropes, wheels, sounders, life jackets, leashes, etc. It can become costly quickly but don’t worry we have detailed the costs of these extra needed items as well.

  • Old Town sportsman autopilot 120 motorised – $8,499
  • Hobie Pro Angler 14 360 – $7,690
  • Hobie Pro Angler 12 360 – $7,490
  • Hobie Pro Angler 14 – $5,790
  • Hobie Pro Angler 12 – $5,590
  • Old Town Predator pedal drive – $5,495
  • Hobie Outback – $4,890
  • Native Watercraft Titan 13.5 – $3,795
  • Native Watercraft Titan 12 – $3,795
  • Hobie Compass – $3,390
  • Native Watercraft Slayer – $3,295
  • Hobie Passport 12 – $2,550
  • Old Town predator MX 12 $2,519
  • Perception Crank 10.0 – $2,399
  • Kayaks2fish Kronos – $2,199
  • Revolve 13 Pedal fishing Kayak – $1,499
  • Beavertail stealth 2000 – $1,890
  • Kayaks2fish NextGen 10 – $1,799
  • Pedal Pro Fish XL – $1,765
  • Pedalfish 10 – $1,533
  • Revolve 10 Pedal fishing Kayak – $1,499
  • Serge Fusion 10 pedal – $1,499
  • Pedalfish Sae Lion – $1,299
  • Kayaks2fish Triton – $1,299
  • Kayaks2fish NextGen 10 – $899
  • Aqua Yak Ranger – $850
  • Malibu Stealth 12 – $849
  • Dragon Pro Fisher – $749
  • Prymal Titan – $719
  • Dragon Slayer – $699
  • Prymal Legend – $599
  • Gremlin 9x – $569
  • Aqua Yak snapper Pro – $550
  • Berkley angler kayak – $299

Watch our maiden voyage reviewing the Hobie Pro Angler 14. Walking through its features and handling on the water.

The real cost of owning a kayak

As we mentioned earlier buying a kayak is the first step. The second step is buying necessary items for safety, transportation, and accessories for usage. Yes, there there are many costs associated with owning a fishing kayak. Below is a rundown of some of the costs you can expect to take on once buying a fishing kayak.

  • Paddle – $100
  • Life Jacket – $150
  • Single rod holder with port – $50
  • Esky – $90
  • Leashes – $10
  • Kayak trolley wheels – $100
  • Basic Fishfinder ( Lowrance Hook Reveal 5x ) $379
  • Battery to power Fishfinder – $235
  • Fishfinder sun visor – $39
  • Fishfinder mount – $48
  • Tie-downs – $40
  • Trailer – $1,500
  • Roof racks – $250
  • You may also consider insurance to cover your kayak from theft or damage.

Fishing Kayak Buyers Guide. The video below walks you through the features and upgrades added to our Hobie pro Angler which you might find helpful.

Fishing Kayak stability guide

Stability should be the most important factor when buying a fishing kayak. Like price, there is a massive difference between models and brands. You get what you pay for so never don’t the importance of stability. Budget can get in the way of having a truly stable kayak.

I’ve received countless messages over the years from followers with horror stories nearly drowning after buying a supposedly stable kayak. When buying a kayak be very careful about the advertising you see and the recommendations of retail sales staff. Try not to belive all of the marketing hype and false advertising. It’s almost criminal how some of the low-end kayak manufacturers advertise their kayaks as extremely stable. This type of false advertising is what puts people’s lives at risk. Some making bold claims that their cheap kayak is as stable as a Hobie Pro Angler.

The best advice we can offer is if you’re unsure on stability choices that suit you than trial a fishing kayak before buying one. Some shops will allow you to try before you buy or have scheduled open trail days. You may also know someone who has the fishing kayak model that your interested in buying who would be willing to meet you and let you try it. I have actually don’t this on countless occasions to help others.

When it comes to stability you get what you pay for and nothing compares to high-end kayaks such as the Hobie pro angler but not everyone can afford one of these. The video below runs you through 10 fishing safety tips on a Native watercraft kayak and then we hot the water and find ourselves surrounded by a school of aggressive salmon.

Fishing Kayak Guide for usage and features

Before buying a Fishing kayak stop and consider these basic questions. Here are some points to stop and consider starting from the most basic ideas.

  • Will you use your kayak in lakes, rivers or offshore? ( this will influence the model you choose )
  • Will you travel frequently with your kayak
  • Are you able to lift a kayak on your car roof by yourself?
  • Would you prefer an elevated seat, so your not spending the session sitting in water
  • Do you prefer internal storage of fishing gear
  • Would you prefer a rudder so you can steer using hand controls instead of a paddle
  • Do you need a foot peddle kayak or are you OK with a basic paddle kayak
  • Will you require lots of accessories as Hobie has the biggest available range
  • Do you plan to ever use an electric motor

Asking yourself these questions before buying will help you to identify the most suitable brands and models.

Additions and corrections

Thanks for reading this Ultimate Fishing Kayak Buyers Guide 2020. If you have any questions, corrections or additions then please direct them to enquiries@fishingmad.com.au and we will get back to you as soon as we can.