All members are encouraged to send us pictures of their catches which will automatically go into our catch of the month competition. The winner will be voted by our members and added to our honours board below. Make sure you send your pics and details to or via social media.

Here are some success stories from members this month

Thanks for all your reports and vids around Melton. I got my PB Golden perch last night down at melton res!! It doesn’t get much better than this. Keep up the great work in the members area.

Loving the FishingMad members content, keep up the great work. I had an awesome day at Western Port.  I caught 2 gummy sharks up to 90cm, My mate caught 1 gummy up to a meter, It was fun and nerve-wracking at the same time… Fighting a Gummy on a 2-4kg nitro rod, 2500 stradic with 15lb (old) braid. In the end, we both came home with 3 gummies, 7 flatty and a King George. Keep up the informative fishing reports and Vids, from Aditya Alberto

Really enjoying the variety in the member’s areas especially covering some helpful freshwater stuff. How cool is this mirror carp I caught on a soft plastic from Cairn Curran Reservoir? Keep up the great content James Mizzi

Hi Alan, I’m greatly enjoying the member’s platform here is a nice Flatty at Werribee South on a 3 inch zman slimswimz

Hi Alan, Thanks for the great tips. I live around Geelong and followed some suggestions in your report and landed this 63cm snapper of Wangim Walk flicking soft plastics. Was such a nice fish that it didt even fit on the awesome FishingMad brag mat you sent me. Best Regards Jesse

Hi Alan, Attached are a few photos from my trip out in the kayak off Altona Saturday morning. Bigger ones were both over 40cm and got another dozen or so under size. Got out at first light and top of the tide. Got them on Diawa grubs and Zman minnowz. Enjoying the Members area and YouTube Channel, keep up the good work. Kind regards, Michael Duncan.

G’day Alan, I just wanted to say thanks so much for all of the amazing content! It helped me to land my first ever snapper (53cm and 2.8kg) in the pylons at Princess Pier last week. Hopefully, there are many more to come!  Thanks again, Dan Henderson.

Hi Alan, I Arrived on the water to find perfect conditions. Quickly picked up a solid 44cm Snapper in 6 meters and stayed until 6pm and hooked a serious fish around 5pm on 4meters close to the shore but got busted off after some serious runs. A yak caught a 75cm approx. in the same area that morning so they are around. Turtleback Worm in Camo did the trick and caught another 3 undersized Pinkies all around. Thanks heaps for the insight and reports which is helping greatly, hope to see you out there regards David Hallifax

David Hallifax Snapper