FishingMad features on The Australian Lure Fishing Podcast. This week Alan featured as a special guest on the Doc Lures Australian Lure fishing podcast to share insight about targeting the humble redfin on the Barwon River. Whilst also giving many fishing tips all around the greater Melbourne and Geelong areas.

Listen to the podcast below ( Episode 384 – Barwon River Redfin with Alan Bonnici from FishingMad )


This podcast goes into great detail sharing insight on general fishing techniques, strategies to improve catch rates, Barwon river access, strategies when starting, gear selection, top lure choices and much more to do with redfin fishing.

Doc Lures podcast is Australia’s premier fishing podcast hosted by Greg Vinall. Greg has over 300 podcasts and interviewed over 200 experts covering 60 different species. The insight shared on the podcast is brilliant, we would encourage you to visit and become familiar with this very highly recommended service.

Alan’s Lure Selection for Barwon River Redfin

  • Soft plastics are great and the ZMan 3” Slim Swimz in midnight oil is a great starting point and often the first lure Alan will reach for. Alan likes to rig this lure on a 1/8 or 1/12 oz jig head and attach a size 2 brass jig spinner to add the flash and vibration that redfin seem to respond well to. The Strike Tiger 3” paddle tail is another good option if the water is dirty and you want a brightly coloured offering. Cast it out long, let it sink to the bottom and simply slow roll it back. Or alternatively, cast as close to structure as possible and slow roll back. If the slow rolling isn’t working, try adding in some gentle lifts and hops. It’s a mistake to work the lure too fast, however.


  • Hard bodied diving lures are very effective on Barwon River redfin, especially for casting along a bank or land-based fishing. They can also be worked along with structure or trolled behind a kayak. The Duo Realis Spearhead Ryuki (70mm) in gold has an awesome swimming action for a “twitch, twitch, pause” style retrieve. This lure swims at around 3-4 feet, which seems to work well in water of depths 3-4metres as it will draw the fish out from the bottom.


  • A heavier that assists with casting and can get down deep is always a good option. Alan contemplated a spoon for his third lure choice but instead went with a 70mm Samaki Vibelicious soft vibe in a redfin pattern. This lure can be very effective when you find a school of redfin or you want to cover a lot of water.


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