A pleasant surprise this week when FishingMad founder Alan Bonnici received notification from independent Youtube channel analyse Feedspot that they had been ranked in the top 100 fishing channels around the world.

You can see the Top 100 ranking YouTube fishing channels here. It’s a big honour for the team at FishingMad. Video has only become a real focus of ours in the last 12 months so we feel as if we will be climbing this top 100 ladder in no time. We’re also seeing substantial organic growth in the last few months and that trend is only increasing daily.

For those who don’t know, Feedspot is a terrific online website that places all of your favourite content on the wen into one place. This might be your favourite blogs, websites, RSS Feeds, Youtube Channels and Social media sites. Your Feedspot account gathers updates from all and puts them in one place for your convenience. For those reading this page, it may be a great way to get all of your favourite fishing content into a single platform.

Our team is excited and looking forward to us climbing the ranks. We have big goals and hope you’ll join us for that journey. You can see more about the FishingMad growing footprint here.


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