Welcome to the Barkers creek reservoir Fishing Guide. This is a small reservoir also known as Harcourt roughly 90 minutes drive from Melbourne. Its located all the way down the Calder freeway past Bendigo up within the hills between the central goldfields and orchards of Victoria. Despite its quite small size, Barkers creek reservoir can produce quality Redfin and Trout. This system has happily accepted a massive boost from state target 1 million initiative. A native fish program which has seen 5,000 yellow belly fingerlings stocked in March 2019 and a total of 25,000 to date. In years to come, it will also produce quality Yellow belly golden perch which will be continually stocked. There are also plans to increase stocking of brown trout.

Exciting news for kayaks and Canoes in April 2019 with this system finally being opened up to Kayakers, Canoes and boats with small electric motors. This all part of an initiative from the local government. Details of this can be seen here. The news only got better as 4000+ Murray Cod stocked by the Victorian Fisheries Authority throughout 2019 as well. You can see more details of kayak opening at Barkers Creek Reservoir on the VFA website.

Fishing at Barkers Creek Reservoir

At Barkers creek reservoir you can catch redfin & trout in good numbers. Golden Perch and Murray Cod will soon be regular catches as well thanks to native stocking initiatives. At the start of 2019, a whopping 5,000 golden perch fingerlings were stocked here. Also on 2019 4000+ Murray Cod stocked by the Victorian Fisheries Authority. The best baits include Scrub worms, Crickets, Power bait, Yabbies, Mudeye. When the water level is high enough and you can get past the weed beds flicking a wide range of spinners, soft plastics & lures can be a great method of catching a prized reddie or trout. Why not read our guide on the best lures to catch redfin.

When targeting trout and redfin we encourage you to fish as light as possible. This will make the experience more fun and improve your catch rates. Redfin will actively take many baits or lures. To maximize your chances fish with a 1-3 or 2-4 kilo rod. A reel size of 2500 is perfect. The main line spooled with 4-6 pound braid finished with a good quality leader. You will need to go a little heavier in years to come when yellow belly has had a chance to grow and flourish. This is also a terrific spot for the fly fisherman who can drift nymph flies with great success for trout.

Any time of day, though some fish will be more active at Dawn and Dusk.

A good way of targeting multiple species is trolling minnow style lures from the back of your kayak. You may want to experiment with trolling lures that dive to different depths but redfin, yellowbelly, trout and cod will happily take a lure trolled.

Things to do at Barkers Creek Reservoir

It’s a lovely scenic area, probably not a great number of things to keep the kids occupied. So if your taking the family maybe keep the fishing to short sessions and enjoy the surrounding views, birdlife, orchids and townships. Of course, now that this spot is open for kayaking why not bring the family down for a kayak session.

Known Hazards at Barkers Creek Reservoir

As with all country, rural areas always be mindful of snakes which are active. Victoria is home to some of the worlds most venomous snakes.


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