Fishing locations Beaumaris Jetty, is small jetty along beach road, this jetty is more known for its garfish and squid offering in seasonal parts of the year. Its a great year round fishing location offering a whole range of species to target.


Garfish, Squid, Whiting, Salmon, Bream, Snapper, Flathead, Mullet, Banjo


For you bigger species good bait options include Pilchard, Blue Bait, Silver Whiting, Raw Chicken. If your targeting smaller species such as garfish then we recommend maggots, silverfish, mealworms, small pices of prawn, bread/dough, chicken. And if your targeting squid there’s an unlimited range of squid jigs to choose from. The weight will depend on the tidal flow.


This is quite tricky as there are many different species to target. Species like Bream, Whiting and Garfish need light delicate rod setups, whilst Snapper and large Salmon schools will require heavier gear. This might be a great spot to take a general purpose rod and try your luck. Something between 7 to 8 foot in a 3 to 5 kilo class allowing you to quickly change rigs and baits. If you plan to specifically target garfish then a quill float and a small size 10 or size 12 hook, and a light nibble tip rod is a great starting spot. Anglers specifically targeting squid particularly in the colder months, for this an light 8 foot egi rod is an ideal setup.


This spot can fish well all days however the tide change can make a big difference so check the tide times before fishing. Often your session will fire up on the peak of each tide. Squid fishing is often at its best here during the winter months.


The kids will need to be closely supervised when fishing on the pier. There is a decent drop and the pier can be slippery with anglers often casting quite close to each other. I have seen people accidentally hook others when casting without looking behind them, this is a narrow pier so always be careful of those around you.


Often there are rows of fisherman so the biggest danger will be avoiding line tangles or walking behind someone who is casting, so be weary of those around you. Rays and Banjos can be common here which is more of a pest then a danger.