Welcome to the Beaumaris Jetty Fishing Guide. Beaumaris is a vibrant township 20 kilometres from the Melbourne CBD. There is a small jetty along beach road which offers good year-round fishing. This area produces good numbers of garfish and squid offering in seasonal parts of the year. Its a great year-round fishing location offering a whole range of species to target. Parking near the jetty is only available for members of the yacht club. So parking can be a little tricky you will generally find available spots in surrounding side streets which isn’t too far of a walk.

Things to do at Beaumaris

A popular thing to do near Beamuris jetty is visit the closeby Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary. With much shallow rock pools its an awesome way for the family to explore some sea creatures such as zebrafish and Port Jackson sharks. This area is patrolled by Beaumaris Life Saving Club, making it a fun and adventurous location for a swim. You can go for a stroll along Moysey walk, long hollow heathland or Balcombe park.

When on the jetty kids will need to be closely supervised when fishing on Beaumaris jetty as there is a decent drop and the jetty can be slippery with anglers often casting quite close to each other. I have seen people accidentally hook others when casting without looking behind them, this is a narrow pier so always be careful of those around you.

Fishing at Beaumaris Jetty

This is a small jetty surrounded by weed and reef. When fishing on the Beaumaris Jetty you can expect to catch garfish, squid, whiting, salmon, bream, snapper, flathead, mullet and some pest species such as toadfish and banjo sharks. Often there are rows of fisherman so be wary of those around you.

When targeting bigger species such as snapper good bait options will include squid strips, mussels, pilchard, blue bait, silver whiting, raw chicken strips. You will also have more success finding snapper and salmon casting out from the end of the jetty. If your targeting smaller species such as garfish then any spots along the jetty will work using maggots, silverfish, mealworms, small pieces of prawn, bread/dough, chicken as good bait options.

Selecting your fishing gear can be quite tricky as there are many different species to target. The smaller species such as bream, whiting and garfish need light delicate rod setups. Whilst snapper and salmon schools will require heavier gear. This might be a great spot to take a general-purpose rod and try your luck. Allowing you to quickly change rigs and baits.

Beaumaris Jetty is a very popular spot to target garfish. There are plenty of these mini marlins in this area which fire up between tide changes. A quill float and a small size 10 or size 12 hook, and a light nibble tip rod is a great starting spot. Remember to also berley the area very heavily which will bring the garfish in and keep them biting. 

Squid is a popular species to target at Beaumaris Jetty. The area is surrounded by weed beds making a great ecosystem for local squid. You can learn more about targeting squid here by reading our detailed guide on How to catch squid around Melbourne. You can catch squid here during the day and night. An egi rod between 7.5 foot and 9 foot in length is ideal and there are plenty of egi rods on the market fit for purpose. I have found myself fishing with an 8 foot 3-inch rod paired with a 3000 size reel with great success. Squid jigs are prone to snags in this area, and we have found using slow sinking jigs in the smaller size of 2.5 and 3.0-gram jigs will help avoid this problem.

This spot will fish during the tide change. So check the tide times before fishing. Often your session will fire upon the peak of each tide. Squid fishing is often at its best here during the winter months.


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