Welcome to the Campaspe River Fishing Guide. The Campaspe River spans 160 kilometres starting near Bendigo and finishing near Echuca. The river in stretches provides terrific freshwater fishing for species such as golden perch, redfin and cod. The Campaspe River starts along the Wombat State Forest near Bullengarook and Macedon. The river then flows to the township of Woodend and continues through to Kyneton. The middle reaches of the river are joined with Lake Eppalock and the Coliban River. The towns of Elmore and Rochester lie on the river’s lower reaches. The river finally meets the Murray River near Echuca, located on the border between Victoria and New South Wales.

Things to do along the Campaspe River

The Campaspe River runs along with many popular rural Victorian townships including Kyneton, Echuca. These spots are popular for camping, historic attractions, and water activities including swimming, canoeing, jet-skiing, kayaking and fishing. Why not go for a scenic walk along the river on the Campaspe river walk. A 3.5-kilometre walk to take in the scenic views, fauna and birdlife. There is also the Kyenton botanic gardens which regularly attracts visitors. There is also the sculpture park and deep pools near the wier which make terrific swimming grounds.

Fishing the Campaspe River

Campaspe River Fishing Guide is a great freshwater fishing location providing access to yellowbelly, cod, redfin, and trout. There is also carp and here and many of them with annual carp removal days. Along the Campaspe, the best baits include Scrub worms, Crickets, Power bait, Yabbies, Mudeye. We also recommend flicking a wide range of spinners, soft plastics & lures can be a great method of catching a prized redfin or golden perch. Why not read our guide on the best lures to catch redfin & golden perch

When targeting freshwater species such as trout and redfin we recommend fishing with a light spinning rod. This will make the experience more enjoyable and improve your catch rates. We suggest a 1-3 or 2-4 kilo fishing rod. Coupled with a 2000, 2500 or 3000 size reel that’s been spooled with a decent quality braid between 4-8 pound. Then finished with roughly a rod length of a quality fluorocarbon leader.

Kayak fishing for redfin

If you plan to fish with bait from the banks then good options include yabbies, powerbait in bright colours, worms, maggots, live minnows and mudeye. Either on a light running sinker rig, paternoster rig or suspended from a float. We have seen many trout and perch caught using these baits and methods.

We recommend small curl tails, minnow imitations, and paddle tails. Both natural and bright colours work well rigged with jig heads from 1/8 through to 1/20 in weight. Where possible cast towards structure and slow roll with occasional hops and pauses for the retrieve.

Small shallow diving hard body lures are also very effective in this system. As are old favourites such as spinners and Tassie devils. Ideally in smaller sizes and nice bright colours. Metal lures and spoons are also an option. Allowing you to cast great distances and target slightly bigger fish. But they are quite heavy and very prone to snags. If your targeting golden perch then vibes, blades, spinnerbaits and lipless cranks are also a great option, slowly worked ideally close to structure such as submerged trees.

When targeting cod and yellow belly then some great lure choices would include lip-less crank-baits such as Jackall TN series, stump jumpers which can be cast or trolled, surface lures, vibes, spinnerbaits, bassman spinners, large grub style soft plastics in dark colours & Savage Gear swimbait. Cod also do take a liking to large surface lures, slowly worked along with structure. There are some weird and wonderful surface lures and swimbaits new to the market so get creative and mix up your retrieval technique.

If your site is set on catching a big cod then you’ll need to up your outfit. A 6 foot to 7 foot rod in a 4-8 kilo or 6-12 kilo class rod and a quality baitcaster reel spooled with 20 to 50 pound braid finished with a solid Fluro carbon leader of equal strength. There is a whole range of baitcaster options suiting different budgets.

Then, of course, there are carp and plenty of them. If you plan on targeting carp from the banks then we would recommend using corn kernels, worms or bread as good bait options. Either on a basic running sinker rig or suspended from a float. It would also be wise to upgrade your fishing outfit to something a little heavier. Perhaps a 3-5 kilo fishing rod coupled with a 3000 size reel spooled with 8 pound line as a good starting point.

Campaspe River known hazards

Stretches of the Ovens River contain venomous snakes so do take care. You can see more details around Campase River water levels.


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