Fishing locations Erskine River is a small water system located at the entrance of Lorne. It’s a very scenic area with lovely walking tracks, bridges and entrances to the Lorne Beach. Its very easily accessible and you will often see campers along this river strip with rods setup outside their tents and Vans. The river is murky but chock full of small Bream and Mullet. A great fishing spot is at the entrance near the bridge above or further down near the weed beds.


Bream, Mullet & Estuary Perch


Scrub worms and Maggots are very effective baits for Bream and Mullet in this area. I would commender using small hooks as there are many small Bream in this area. I have also seen many other anglers using Pilchard strips, Bass Yabbies & Chicken strips.

Hard Body lures are a great choice as the water is shallow and a floating hard body will allow you to cast right amongst the snags. I had some success fishing with Atomic crank, Hurricane twitch 50 and Nories Minnows. Soft plastics and Blades are also good in this area but very prone to snags. I had success using Zman grubs and squidges.


If fishing with lures and plastics I would recommend a very light rod partnered with a 1000 or 2500 spinning reel. If fishing with bait I recommend a 7 foot rod. I prefer a 1 – 4 kilo capacity, with a 3000 reel. It needs to be sensitive to feel the bites. I usually go with a 40cm leader around 6 pound to a swivel, then above having a very small running ball sinker on your main line. This allows the bait to move freely and fussy Bream to not be frightened off.


You can fish this system anytime and produce good results. Sometimes the best time to fish is during overcast conditions.


This is a nice scenic area. The kids would thoroughly enjoy the walk up and down the wooden walking paths, bridges and playgrounds along the area. And the beach is a small walking distance away.


There are many signs around the area warning of hazardous bacteria in the water. So it would be best not to eat anything caught out of the Erskine River and to wash your hands thoroughly after fishing this area.


Parking is available in the information outlet car park just as you head into the Lorne township or opposite La mantra accommodation resort.