Welcome to the Hastings Pier Fishing Guide. Hastings pier is located along Skinner street overlooking Western Port. It’s a good fishing destination which produces all-year-round fishing. Often greeted by hungry pelicans this spot is best fished on high tide when water levels are higher. Whiting and gummy sharks are prime species to target from this location.

Things to do at Hastings Pier

As you enter the pier you will pass the old yellow shed which is the visitor information centre. There is also a close-by cafe. There are nearby parking and bbq facilities. Make sure you keep a close eye on the kids them and make sure you keep them amused. If you’re not catching they’ll likely get bored pretty quickly so take some extra stuff to keep them occupied.

Fishing Hastings Pier

At Hastings pier, you can target whiting, salmon, trevally, snapper, mullet, gummy shark and flathead. You will also come across some pest species such as stingrays. Best bait options will include pippies, blue bait, prawn, pilchards, raw chicken, squid and maggots. If your chasing something bigger then a live mullet or large piece of squid is a good option. Soft Plastics and Blades also work a treat for pinkies, flathead, and Trevally. Paternoster rig works well with sinker options to suit your desired casting distance.

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Your rod selection will very much depend on what species of fish your targeting. If you’re chasing the larger species such as gummy sharks or stingrays then you’re going to need a nice heavy outfit. My preference for this is a 8-12 kilo rod and a 4000-6000 reel spooled with 20-pound line. A single large hook or double snelled hook to present a full squid or pilchard. Sometimes I will also chase these species mine with Snapper rods which are a 5-8 kilo rod with 12-pound line. This is a fun way of targeting these fish that might get dusted off occasionally.

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If your chasing lighter fish such as salmon, flathead, trevally or whiting then a nice light general purport 2-4 or 3-5 kilo with a 2500-3000 reel spooled with 6-pound line will work well. This is a great winter location for salmon, but it fishes well for most parts of the year. If your keen to land a gummy shark then fishing throughout the night will be the best bet as that’s when predatory fish are most active. Always keep an eye on tide early morning high tide is always great along piers and jetties. High tide usually sees a big run of pinkies in summer, and low tide generally produces a healthy amount of flathead.

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