Welcome to the Kilcunda Beach Fishing Guide. The Kilcunda Surf Beach is a scenic and generally quiet surf beach past Western Port heading towards Phillip Island. There are 2 different sections of the beach. First, the main area located near the bridge entrance and the second is the Cemetery section a little further down. Both areas covered from clifftop bluffs scattered rock flats and deep gutters. Just on a 2 hours drive from Melbourne, this surf beach is known for its quality waves, strong rip and inshore reefs. It’s also popular with anglers looking to flick metal lures and baits for schools of salmon throughout winter. With a couple of known deep gutters its great grounds for Salmon fishing in winter.

Check out this crazy video of a massive school of salmon we found ourselves in the fishing action is frantic


Salmon in Winter and in the warmer months Snapper, Gummy Shark and Whiting.


When arriving spend a little bit of time looking for the gutters. These are deeper pools and channels that Salmon like to swim through. These are 2 gutters in the main area to the left and right of the main staircase. There are also some rocky gutters that fish well but prone to snags. This is a great section to target. We love to flick big metal lures in this area, it’s a great way to target salmon. Have a look at this guide on surf fishing tips and lure choices. When bait fishing blue bait, whitebait and pilchards are the bait of choice in this area. We recommend a Paternoster rig with a large star sinker to allow you to cast far. The rig will generally be holding 2 full blue baits or 2 half pilchards. You can buy pre-made surf popper rigs which are a great choice and don’t forget to add a surf popper to the top of your rig which surprisingly gets plenty of bites. This spot can be quite weedy so sometimes it pays to have the hooks a little higher in the paternoster rig.

If you plan on fishing the one spot then berleying up is a great idea. You can buy pre-made berley or make your own with pellets, pilchard and tuna oil mixed up. This can be placed into a bag or sack and left for the surf to do all the work.


It all depends if your bait fishing or throwing metal lures. At least a 10-foot rod is required to cast far and to keep the line above the crashing waves. For flicking lures a 12-foot rod, with a 4000 size reel spooled with 12-pound line and a strong leader is a great option. If bait fishing 12-15 foot rod, coupled with a 6000 size reel spooled with 20-pound line and a strong leader.


It’s best to follow the tides and the incoming High tide is always good for Salmon. Also sundown and sunrise seem to bring on the bite.


Kilcunda Surf Beach can get very windy and there is a very strong rip with large waves. If you plan on taking children down there then keep a close eye on them.


It does get very windy, and the surf rip can be very strong so be careful. The rock flats can also be quite slippery to walk on. Its a also an area quite common for shark sighting. Also watch out for surfers who often stray from the pack and end up close to fishing lines.


Gravel parking towards the bridge and beach entrance


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