Welcome to the Lake Daylesford Fishing Guide. Lake Daylesford is a beautiful fishing destination 90 minutes drive from Melbourne nestled in the township of Daylesford. This man-made lake was built-in 1930 and has become one of the main attractions in a vibrant township. A scenic and picturesque spot which often has amazing photo opportunities. It’s an area that offers great walking trails and often sees local weddings stopping in for photo opportunities. The lake, however, does hold a nice assortment of trout and redfin. There are scattered fishing jetties along the pathways which make great fishing. It’s also a great spot to hire a paddleboat or take out the Kayak. There is ample free parking at the entrance of the lake.

Have a look at our detailed video guide on how to fish at Daylesfordsford.

Things to do at Lake Daylesford

This is a beautiful and scenic location and a tremendous spot to take the family for a light bushwalk. There is a walking trail that goes around the lake which is quite easy on the feet and takes about 30 minutes to complete. Along the walk, there are lots of little treasures to stop and explore. At lake Daylesford, you can also hire paddle boats and have some fun energetic time on the water with the kids or friends. There are many photo opportunities and the chance to spot local wildlife and birdlife. There are plenty of grasslands for a picnic and there is also an on-premise cafe for scones and a coffee and a library.

Around Daylesford, there are many cafes, boutique shops and other lakes such as Lake Jubilee, Pyke’s creek & Calembeen Park. Whilst in Daylesford we would highly recommend exploring the Wombat Hill Botanic Gardens, enjoying weekly Sunday markets, relaxing at Hepburn springs bathhouse and spa resort, and exploring the local mineral springs. 

Fishing at Lake Daylesford

At Lake Daylesford, you can both trout and redfin. Seasonally redfin is more active in the warmer months and trout active on the colder months. The lake gets up to 9 meters deep in some stretches whilst being quite shallow along the banks. For land-based anglers there scattered jetties all along the lake. This is a great way to enjoy a scenic bushwalk with rod in hand stopping every few minutes to try flicking soft plastics or baits along these stops. You can also fish Lake Daylesford by kayak and Canoe. A productive way of fishing this style is flicking shallow diving lures and soft plastics along the banks and structure which will no doubt catch you plenty of redfin.

Lake Daylesford is a great location for lures and soft plastics. Check out our guide on the best lures to catch redfin. Long casting metal lures, blades, vibes and spoons are also a good option worth trying when fishing from the banks. They will allow you to cover great distances and target both trout and redfin at the same time. Top options include the nories wasaby, pontoon 21 paco spoon & Savage Gear soft fat vibes.

Shallow diving hard body lures and heavily weighted soft plastic minnow imitations are also excellent choices. Some good options include bullet lures in bright and natural colours, Daiwa double-clutch, Rapala Countdown series and Savage gear minnows are also excellent choices. Traditional lures such as spinners and Tassie devils will also work really well especially in bright colours. You won’t need to get to fancy here a simple cast and slow roll will be effective. You may also consider trolling these slowly from your boat or kayak. In the early mornings, you may spot trout breaking the surface to take flys and crickets. Therefore fly and cricket imitations lures and soft plastics such as the savage Gear Mayfly are also options worth trying.

When targeting freshwater species such as trout and redfin we recommend fishing with a light spinning rod. This will make the experience more enjoyable and improve your catch rates. We suggest a 1-3 or 2-4 kilo fishing rod. Coupled with a 2000, 2500 or 3000 size reel that’s been spooled with a decent quality braid between 4-8 pound. Then finished with roughly a rod length of a quality fluorocarbon leader.

Bait fishing here can be quite productive from the banks. Some excellent bait options include mudeye on a float or scrub worms, powerbait & yabbies on a light running sinker rig. This is a great choice for trout and redfin. Trout and redfin are notorious for feeding more aggressively on dawn and dusk. So we highly recommend fishing the first and last hours of sunlight. With redfin more active in the warmer months and trout more active in the colder months.

Many lakes and reservoirs in the area have been stocked with trout fingerlings. Use this link to follow Victorian trout stocking programs.

Hazards and rules are Pykes creek

Lake Daylesford Fishing Guide recognises that wasps are really common in this area. The main car park is often swarming with wasps. Snakes can also be a hazard in these areas. Tiger snakes, Brown snakes and Red Bellied Black so do be cautious when bushwalking.

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