Fishing locations Lorne Pier is situated in-front of the Grand Pacific Hotel. Lorne is a very popular holiday destination with clean beaches, great views, a vibrant township and lots of accommodation. The pier originally built in 1879 it was reconstructed in 2006 and is a beautifully designed pier that allows you to target many different species of fish. The often blustery & wavy conditions stir up the water bringing many predatory species. The pier seasonally offers different species to target with Salmon often being the prized target during the winter months and Snapper the prized target in Summer.


Squid, salmon, snapper, trevally, barracoota, gummy shark, bronze whaler shark, garfish, flathead, mullet, stingrays


There are many species to target so its difficult to have a go to bait. However the pilchard might be your best bait of choice. Salmon, Snapper, Flathead & Trevally will happily take a Pilchard. In Winter it would also be a good idea to use large metal slugs retrieving them quickly to get an attention of a school of Salmon. Squid is a frequent catch of the front and mid parts of the pier. Just look for the squid ink as the give away. Anglers do well suspending squid jigs with the use of a float. There are many squid jigs on the market, however the local tackle store sells kits ready to go.


Theres a good chance of landing a good size fish so you will want to rig up more heavily in this area a 4 to 10 kilo capacity rod is ideal. Preferably something around 8 foot long to give you good casting ability. I would recommend a running sinker with a hitched pilchard tail.


High tide is preferable as more species come in to feed from underneath the Pier during this time. The rising tide brings fish into feed on the structure. Species like Gummy sharks and Squid are much more active at night and there is adequate lighting for night fishing. In fact this is a great night fishing location.


If supervised this can be a nice spot to take the kids. However make sure you keep a very close eye on them. The conditions are usually rough, windy and waves can crash into the pier.


A big issue at the Lorne Pier is the Seals. I have seen them hiding under the Pier on many occasions. They scare away the fish and look for an easy meal stealing your catches. They can easily ruin a nice days fishing. If I see them hanging around I tend to move onto another location. This is also a very popular location bound to be very busy in peak holiday times, so be weary of other anglers.


Parking is easy with a car park at the pier entrance of the main road.