Fishing locations Maribyrnong or the Nong as we call it has developed a mighty reputation as a brilliant urban bream fishing location. Its been heavily stocked with Estuary perch in recent times and that will grow and flourish in years to come. The River spans 40 kilometres long starting from the mouth of Port Phillip bay sharing the entrance of the Yarra river but goes flows all the way through Brimbank park, Taylors lakes then through to country Victoria finishing past areas such as Sunbury, Macedon and Bacchus Marsh.

The river is mainly fished in locations throughout urban Melbourne. There are scattered boat ramps and jetties all around Flemington, Footscray, Avondale Heights and Maribyrnong. Some noted areas for land base anglers would include being the anglers tavern, Canning Reserve and Footscray Buddhist temple, This is a great river which can provide quality fish with all year round with bream being your main target species.

I still remember this day back in 2016, fishing near Flemington with a few good mates. We fished only for a couple of hours yet landed several large bream. It highlights on its day it can be an amazing fishing system.

Things to do at Maribyrnong River

The Maribyrnong River is a scenic system that stretches 40 kilometres starting near the Docklands from the Yarra River. You can take a cruise along the river, it also has kilometres of concrete walking tracks which is very popular with locals, walking, jogging and fitness groups. It’s also popular with rowing clubs, bird watching and fishing. There are many parks and ideal locations for a picnic with the family. The river at Flemington goes directly past the Flemington racecourse which holds the world-renowned Melbourne cup and spring carnival yearly. Footscray Park is also a popular destination to watch the fireworks during new years eve celebrations. Closer to the entrance your only kilometres away from the Melbourne CBD, Dockland shopping precinct and the Queen Victoria market.

Fishing at the Maribyrnong River

On the Nong you will encounter bream, mulloway, estuary perch, snapper ( pinkies ), trevally, salmon & mullet. The upper reaches of the river also include redfin, carp and tench. This area has and will continue to be heavily stocked with estuary Perch as part of the state governments initiative target 1 million by 2020 and stock 10 million by 2022 initiative there are some great fishing upgrades planned for the Maribyrnong River.

Fishing with bait on the Maribyrnong River

Bait fishing this stretch is a great option. Baits that you should consider using will include shrimp, yabbies, scrub worms, prawns, sandworms, Maggots, Scrub worms, Pilchards, Mussels, Yabbies, & Chicken. For more information on bait fishing on the Nong click here for our detailed guide on Guide on bait fishing for Bream.

Or watch our step by step instructional guide on how to rig up and catch bream which was filmed on the Nong in 2019

Fishing with lures on the Maribyrnong River

When it comes to lures the choice of bream lures is almost endless. Some of the best options include imitation Crabs ( such as Cranka Crab ), grub style soft plastics ( such as Z-man grubZ, squidgy wrigglers and Savage Gear pro grubs ), minnow style soft plastics ( such as Z-man slim swimZ, Savage Gear slim minnows), shallow diving hard body lures ( such as EcoGear SX Range, Daiwa Double-clutch, Nories laydown minnow, Jackall Chubby, Atomic Hardz, OSP Bent Minnows, Savage fathead cranks, range of shads ), Blades and Vibes ( such as Strike Pro Hummer, Ecogear ZX, Berkley Big Eye blades & 3B crank, Hurricane Vibe, Savage gear blades ).

To make things easier we created a detailed video on the best bream lures and how to use them.

To fish the Maribyrnong river successfully you will need a light finesse rod suited for bream fishing. We would suggest a light 7 foot rod 1-3 or 2-4 kilo capacity coupled with a 2000 size reel. Spool the reel with 6 or 4 pound braid finished with a rod length of 4 pound or 6 pound Fluro carbon leader. There are plenty of ultra-light and affordable bream rods and reels on the market. Some good rod choices include Daiwa Gen black series, Savage Gear LRF series, Shimano Jewel or Raider. Some good reels include the Shimano Stradic, Daiwa Sol3, Savage Gear stealth. The choices here are endless and constantly expanding so do some research on something that fits within your budget.

Generally, we found the peak of tide changes is the best. With fish more active on tidal movement. High tide is always favourable as the bream will come closer in to feed on the weed of the rock beds.

Parking and facilities at Maribyrnong River

Again this is a long stretch so its a little difficult to be specific. But most areas of the Nong has free parking either in many of the designated parks or along the street.

Known hazards on the Nong

Rowers & floating debris are likely to collect your fishing lines. You may also experience frustration as your lines get picked by small baitfish and starfish. The Maribyrnong River is home to 4 species of snake including the Tiger, eastern Brown, Copperhead and red-bellied black.

Rules and regulations

Only 2 fishing lines permitted, Always carry your Victorian fishing license, and always follow catch limits. Where possible we encourage catch and release.

Additions and corrections of this location

If you feel this location guide is missing key information or needs any corrections made, then please let us know by emailing our team at with specific details in the email. Please also feel free to share any fishing pictures you have from this location with us. Thank you