The Marlo estuary is truly one of the best Bream Fishing locations in all of Victoria. Its a 4 1/2 hour drive from Melbourne about 15 minutes away from Orbost but well worth the trip. The word Marlo is an aboriginal term meaning white clay. Its an all year round fishing location with lots of bream the system is very clean and the bream grow to big sizes. This is the very reason why premiere events such as the ABT and Hobie fishing tournaments are hosted here regularly. Its a great spot for kayakers and small boats. why we see many Bream fishing videos and reports generated from this location.


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Shrimp, yabbies, scrub worms, prawns, sand worms, Maggots, Scrub worms, Pilchards, Mussels, Yabbies, & Chicken. Click here to see our full guide for bait fishing for Bream.

The choice of bream lures is almost endless. Some of the best options include imitation Crabs ( such as Cranka Crab ), grub style soft plastics ( such as Z-man grubZ, squidgee wrigglers and Savage Gear pro grubs ), minnow style soft plastics ( such as Z-man slim swimZ, Savage Gear slim minnows), shallow diving hard body lures ( such as EcoGear SX Range, Daiwa Double clutch, Nories laydown minnow, Jackall Chubby, Atomic Hardz, OSP Bent Minnows, Savage fathead cranks, range of shads ), Blades and Vibes ( such as Strike Pro Hummer, Ecogear ZX, Berkley Big Eye blades & 3B crank, Hurricane Vibe, Savage gear blades ).


You will most likely be using a rod suited for bream fishing. We would suggest a light 7 foot rod 1-3 or 2-4 kilo capacity coupled with a 2000 size reel. Spool the reel with 6 or 4 pound braid finished with a rod length of 4 pound or 6 pound Fluro carbon leader. There a plenty of ultra light and affordable bream rods and reels on the market. Some good rod choices include Daiwa Gen black series, Savage Gear LRF series, Shimano Jewel or Raider. Some good reels include the Shimano Stradic, Daiwa Sol3, Savage Gear stealth/ The choices here are endless and constantly expanding so do some research on something that fits within your budget.


Any time of day, though some fish will be more active at Dawn and Dusk. The Bream are generally more active in the warmer months


This is an nice spot to take the kids with plenty of fishing spots with surrounding parks and BBQ facilities


Large amount of boat traffic to be cautious of. All rural areas are inhabited by wildlife such as Snakes and Lizards, so be weary of venomous snakes such as Brown, Tiger and Red bellied Black.