Fishing locations Princess Pier built in 1912 and become an iconic location along Port Melbourne. The pier was closed in 1989 however recently renovated and reopened to the public in 2011 after a 14 million dollar renovation after deemed to be unsafe due to stump and wood condition. This location is easily recognizable as many years back the pier was cut in half leaving in initial pier stumps in the ground which makes unbelievable fishing structure for species like bream, mulloway and pinkies. From Princess pier you will see the adjacent piers in station pier and kerferd pier, and quite often see the big ships such as the spirit of Tasmania cruising in. Its also a great spot to fish with a Kayak and throw lures deep into the stumps and structure.


bream ( the cut pylons produce amazing structure for bream ), snapper, flathead, salmon, mulloway, mullet


If bait fishing from the jetty then Pilchards, Squid, whiting fillet and Chicken are great in this area. A combination of a simple running sinker setup and a paternoster rig does the trick in this location for many species. Using burley really does help keep the fish around. If you’re targeting large snapper and gummy sharks then a full unweighted pilchard with a size 5 Mustad hook is a great way to go.

If your on a kayak flicking lures into the structure then the choices are endless. I like using lightly weighted grub styles soft plastics and minnow imitations. Crab imitations hard up against the structure. Blades and vibes also work great in this area.


An all-round setup might be a good way to go as you can cover a large amount of species and sizes as you one day might catch small bream and salmon and the next day a large snapper or mulloway.

If your fishing in the structure for bream we would suggest a light 7 foot rod 1-3 or 2-4 kilo capacity coupled with a 2000 size reel. Spool the reel with 6 or 4 pound braid finished with a rod length of 4 pound or 6 pound Fluro carbon leader.


Its best to follow the tides. Low tide seems to bring good runs of Flathead and Salmon and the high tide consistently produces good Bream and Pinkies. I always find first and last light are good times to fish regardless of the tides.


Its a beautiful and scenic area and great for some photo opportunities. The kids can play in the sandy beach area. However there inst many local food options


If your fishing on the jetty be cautious as there isn’t a lot of fishing space and you want to avoid line tangles. If fishing from a kayak always take the necessary safety precautions and keep your distance from boats. Here is our guide on Kayak safety.


Only 2 fishing lines permitted, Always carry your Victorian fishing license, and always follow catch limits. Where possible we encourage catch and release.