Welcome to the Spavin Lake Fishing Guide. Spavin lake is located within the township of Sunbury, it’s a shallow lake with local birdlife. It’s a great little lake located within a growing residential and housing estate within Sunbury. It’s stocked regularly with rainbow trout prior to school holiday breaks making it a fun prospect for anglers and kids. This is a scenic area which presents a nice walk. It doesn’t have playgrounds but can be a nice place for kids. There are plenty of ducks ready for a feed.

Things to do in Sunbury

Sunbury is a popular and growing country township roughly 40 kilometres north-west from Melbourne. With a recent boom in residential growth backed by retail growth, the township has around 40,000 residents. This town is full of history with the local post office which still stands today originally opening in 1858. Some enjoyable places to visit in Sunbury includes the Craiglee vineyard to try a selection of locally onsite grown wines. There is also the Rupertswood mansion the birthplace of the Ashes and today more known for lush gardens and structures. Sunbury is also well known for horse agistment and riding. You can also play golf at the Goonawarra golf course.

Not to far out of town local attractions include the Dingo Discovery Sanctuary and Research Centre in Toolern Vale. There is also the Organ Pipes National Park. The 70-meter basalt columns create a natural amphitheatre formed approximately one million years ago.

Fishing at Spavin Lake in Sunbury

Spavin Lake is a great family-friendly fishing location where you can target trout and redfin. several freshwater fish species. In years to come, there will also be silver perch and yellowbelly.

This lake is generally stocked with rainbow trout prior most school holiday breaks. However, stocking was temporarily suspended in recent years with low water levels. Thankfully levels are back to acceptable levels and in September 2019 600 rainbow trout were stocked. Use this link to follow Victorian trout stocking programs. Victorian fisheries also have plans to start stocking native fish species into this lake starting summer 2019. This will initially include silver perch and golden perch aka yellowbelly. The plan to make it a year-round fishing destination. This is part of the start governments target 10 million by 2022 initiative.

At this stage, small redfin and stocked trout will be your main catches from this lake. Most freshwater species tend to feed more aggressively at Dawn and Dusk. Species like perch fish particularity well during sundown in the warmer months.

We have had the most success here slowing retrieving small spinners for both trout and redfin. Particularly on the deeper side away form the submerged trees. We also suggest using small soft plastics and shallow diving hard body lures. Click here to read our guide on Best lures to catch redfin. We haven’t had quite as much success with bait but would recommend using scrub worms, Power bait, Yabbies, Mudeye on a float or with a small running sinker.  

Spavin Lake Fishing Trout

How to catch fish in Spavin Lake

When targeting freshwater species such as trout and redfin we recommend fishing with a light spinning rod. This will make the experience more enjoyable and improve your catch rates. We suggest a 1-3 or 2-4 kilo fishing rod. Coupled with a 2000, 2500 or 3000 size reel that’s been spooled with a decent quality braid between 4-8 pound. Then finished with roughly a rod length of a quality fluorocarbon leader.

If you plan to fish with bait from the banks then good options include powerbait in bright colours, worms, maggots, live minnows and mudeye. Either on a light running sinker rig, paternoster rig or suspended from a float. We have seen many trout and perch caught using these baits and methods. For soft plastics, we highly recommend small curl tails, minnow imitations, and paddle tails. Both natural and bright colours work well rigged with jig heads from 1/18 through to 1/20 in weight. Small shallow diving hard body lures can be effective in this system. As are old favourites such as spinners and Tassie devils. Ideally in smaller sizes and nice bright colours.

Metal lures and spoons are also an option. Allowing you to cast great distances and target slightly bigger fish. But they are quite heavy and very prone to snags in small inland systems like this one. You may also consider using surface lures for estuary perch especially during dawn and dusk. A couple of good options include floating minnows and surface poppers in smaller sizes.

Helpful fishing video for Spavin Lake

Have a look at this video which highlights how to target stocked rainbow trout. Spavin Lake is stocked with rainbow trout regularly so this video should provide you with some helpful tips.

Known Hazards at Karkarook Park Lake

As with all areas that have water and high grass just always be cautious of snakes in the area.

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