Fishing locations St Leonard’s is a small coastal township with just over 200 residents. Its roughly 45 minutes past Geelong parallel to Queenscliff. Its a great habitat for local bird life. With clear waters, weed beds and fishing in roughly 6 meter deep water it offers a vast array of fishing either on the main jetty, boat or kayak. Species to target. King George whiting and snapper are frequent catches. Its also an excellent land based squid fishing location. Its a great location for fishing within Port Phillip Bay.


Squid, Whiting, Salmon, Snapper, Trevally, Leather jacket, Rays


When bait fishing some good options include Pilchard, Blue Bait, Silver Whiting, Raw Chicken, and Squid. If your targeting squid the choice of squid jigs is almost endless. But you will need to pick something depending on the distance you need to cats and depth of the water. Here is our detailed guide on squid fishing. Soft plastics from the main jetty or on a boat will work well for bread and butter species such as flathead and pinkies. The Berkley Nemeses range is a good size profile for fish in this area.


If your chasing squid then a light 8 foot rod with several squid jigs is the goto option. For other fishing a medium to light surf rod between 8 or 9 foot. Your will catch many small fish but need to be prepared for the the odd large fish such as a Trevally or Snapper. Often I will user a running sinker rig to a swivel and 50cm of strong leader finished with a Pilchard tail or small squid head. If you chasing pinkies then a paternoster rig with raw chicken breast will fish very well


Fishing dawn or dusk on the incoming high tide will be your best chance especially when the wind is chopping up a little


This is a beautiful spot with surrounding beaches but the kids will need to be closely supervised when on the pier.


Many rods being cast in a condensed area so be mindful of others casting around you