Welcome to the St Leonards fishing guide. Fishing locations St Leonard’s is a small coastal township with just over 200 residents. Its 110 kilometres from Melbourne and roughly 45 minutes past Geelong parallel to Queenscliff. With clear waters, weed beds and fishing in roughly 6 meter deep water it offers a vast array of fishing either on the main jetty, boat or kayak. Popular species to target include King George whiting and snapper. It’s an excellent land-based location for squid fishing. It’s a great location for fishing within Port Phillip Bay on the tip of the Bellarine peninsula.

Things to do at St Leonards

This is a lovely location with clean beaches and local caravan parks. Nearby attractions include Harvey Park with great views of Port Phillip bay and picnic and BBQ facilities. There is also Duck island state reserve which is a popular parrot and bird lookout.

Geelong is located 70 kilometres away from Melbourne with many shops, parks, piers, restaurants, cafes, and adventures. Some of the local attractions include the beautifully maintained Geelong botanic gardens. If you’re after a bit more excitement then Geelongs adventure park which has world-class rides and waterslides. Including the new Tsunami waterslide. There is Serendip Sanctuary closer to Lara which offers access to Australia’s wildlife and gardens. Geelong waterfront area is a vibrant spot full of piers and great for walking, picnics and eating.

Fishing St Leonards

St Leonards is a great fishing location by the pier, boat, kayak or jet ski. St Leonards is a great fishing destination with clear and clean waters and weed beds. This makes it a prime location to target squid, King George whiting, salmon, snapper, flathead, trevally, leather jackets, garfish and rays. A good idea is to watch for local reports to see what species is active at the time than specifically target that. Cretain fish will be active seasonally example snapper active in summer and salmon active in winter.

The pier is located at the end of Murradoc road running along the esplanade. It gives access to deep water to those fishing by land.

When bait fishing some good options include pilchards, blue bait, silver whiting, raw chicken, pipis, garfish and Squid.

This is a prime destination to target squid. You can catch some really good size squid and in big numbers on its day. Boats and kayaks can just drift around weedy areas and have much success. If you plan on targeting squid on the pier then take some time to look for signs such as ink stains on the pier or weed beds that are visible from the pier. These are prime areas to target. The choice of squid jigs is almost endless here but pick something that will take advantage of the depth and distance that you need to cover.

You could also try suspending a full silver whiting or pilchard from a float and squid spike. If fishing on the pier an 8-9 foot Medium-light rod is ideal to provide extra casting distance and a 6-7 foot rod is ideal when on a boat or kayak. Why not read our detailed guide on How to catch squid at St Leonards.

Whiting is a prime fish species to target here as well. We find the best method by boat or kayak is to pick a location with notable depth drop-offs or weed. Anchor up then berely quite rigorously. A couple of light rods with a paternoster or running sinker rigs finished with pipis or small squid strips is a recipe for success. If you don’t catch in 20 minutes lift the anchor move on and repeat the process.

Here is a video of FishingMad walking you through how to catch whiting by Kayak in the nearby area.

The snapper will arrive in the shallow areas around Summer. using a light to medium surf rod will allow you to cast a good distance from the end of the pier to get fresh baits in prime areas. We recommend using a running sinker rig to a swivel and 50cm of strong leader. Then finished with a pilchard tail or squid head on a 4/0 or 5/0 hook. Where possible use fresh bait which will help greatly.  If you chasing pinkies and flathead then a paternoster rig with pilchard tail or raw chicken breast will fish very well. A long net or gaff may be needed when trying to lift a fish out of the water onto the pier. 

Soft plastics from the main jetty or from a boat will work well for bread and butter species such as flathead and pinkies. You will catch much small fish but need to be prepared for the odd large fish such as a Trevally or Snapper.

Fishing dawn or dusk on the incoming high tide will be your best chance especially when the wind is chopping up a little. We have also noted that fishing around the full moon is also productive here.

Additions and corrections for St Leonards

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