Fishing locations West Gate Bridge Victoria’s an iconic structure with Victoria that passes over the Yarra river entrance from Port Phillip Bay. The bridge started construction in the late 1960’s but stopped in 1970 due to a collapsed section. Construction resumed in 1972, the bridge is 2.6 kilometres long and 58 meters tall at its peak. West Gate Bridge is a quality fishing location that can provide interesting fishing all year round for land based anglers. With its vast array of jetties and banks it’s challenging destination but offers a large range of species that can be caught with multiple techniques. The fishing changes throughout the season of the year. The most common catches here will be pinkies in the warmer months, and a big run of salmon in the winter months. Whilst bream and flathead are caught all year round.



snapper ( pinkies ), flathead, bream, salmon, mullet, mulloway, gummy shark, trevally, whiting


Pilchards, Chicken, Squid, Maggots, Scrub worms, Mullet. Paternoster rig works well with sinker options to suit your desired casting distance.


Depends on what you’re chasing. In these circumstances its almost good to go with a general purpose rod that allows you to cover many different types of species. In this case a 3-5 kilo rod with a 3000 reel spooled with 6 pound line would be a great option. If you’re going for smaller fish then a light rod setup is best. 2–4 kilo capacity, with a 2000-3000 reel which will be sensitive enough to feel small bites and inquiries. If your chasing bigger fish like snapper and Gummy Sharks then you’ll want a heavier setup and potentially a long casting surf rod. Something along the lines of an 8 foot 5-8 kilo rod spooled with  stronger line such as 12 pound.


I prefer this spot in the early morning at high tide. Just seem to catch more fish in those conditions. You get a big run of pinkies between January and March and a big run of Salmon between June and August.


This is an OK locations for kids. Plenty of grassland to run around on, just need to be careful near the rocks.


The biggest hazards you will face in this area will be snags. You can go There can also be plague proportion of star fish. I have also caught blue ring octopus, and scorpion fish of the jetty both which are very venomous. When walking amongst the rocks be weary of snakes and large rats.