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At the moment I’m having great success with the following.

Zman StreakZ Curl TailZ

Zman StreakZ Curly Tailz

I have been using these on the snapper this season. They are super durable ( nothing like the turtlebacks ) I caught 3 snapper and 4 pinkies on one last week and it was still like new. They have great action and are rigged perfectly on a 3/0 jig head. You can get them in 4-inch and 5-inch, I prefer the smaller 4-inch sizes. I really like the colours opening night, nuclear chicken and coconut ice glow. Just work these slowly and hop them off the bottom. I had several screaming runs using them this week which was amazing.



Berkley Fat Hollow Sandworm

Not sure if the rumours are true or not but I have heard whispers that Berley may be moving away from the Turtleback worms. ( OMG that would be a horrendous move if they did ), however, the fat hollow sandworm has been a really good performer these past few weeks on king george whiting, pinkies and flathead. In fact there a tad easier to rig then turtleback worms and seem a little bit more durable. ill release some footage over the next week or two on some of those results.


Keitech Easy Shiner 4 inch

I’ve been working with some major tackle shop product development managers in recent weeks, retooling some of my gear planning for 2022. I had several of them mention the Kietech easy shiners as a must-try soft plastic. Out of goodwill, I ordered a few packets of 4 inch easy shiners. They cost $14 so there not expensive but a tad more expensive than most of your mainstream soft plastics on the market. When they arrived I was so impressed with the colours and profile size. I have only used it on a couple of occasions and have been incredibly impressed with its swimming action and strike rates accounting for many pinky snapper, flathead and snook. I have taken a real liking to the Silver flash minnow and gold flash minnow colours. 100% worth a look if you’re looking for some new 4 inch soft plastics to try. Do be warned though for me they haven’t been super durable.


Berkley 7-inch Turtleback worm

Been using the 7 inch nuclear chicken colour a lot lat letely. I have been a longtime fanboy of the 4-inch turtleback worms, but I can’t get enough of the 7-inch versions. I’ve caught everything over the past month with them from trevally, snapper, salmon, whiting, mulloway, flathead and more. Rigged on a 4/0 jig head either 1/8, 1/6 or 1/4 ounce. Just working them really slowly and hoping them off the bottom, the tail action and scent make them irresistible and a standout choice. I’ve had some amazing sessions around Queenscliff, Clifton Springs and Altona using them. The standout colour has been pumpkin green fleck.


Duo Realis Tetra Works

These metal slugs have been dynamite on the local salmon. Not easy to source but brilliant on the 5 and 7-gram versions in bright colours and blue colours that mimick a bait fish or pilchard. Just working them slowly through schools has accounted for a huge volume of salmon


Zman 3-inch minnows

These have been around for a while yet recently I can’t get enough of these soft plastics. A size and profile shape that mimics a baitfish so well. Some of my most productive sessions have been using these. Including catching many salmon, snapper, pinkies, flathead and even redfin. The standout colours have been “purple death” and “UV Pink” rigged on a 3/0 jig head either 1/8, 1/6 or 1/4 depending on the depth that I’m fishing. Rubbing on a small amount of s-factor has also worked as a treat if the bite is quiet.


Daiwa Double Clutch 75mm Kamawutu

I have used this lure for many years targeting species like bream and trout. However, I have had some awesome land base sessions using this lure lately targeting snook around Geelong waterfront and Estuary Perch on the Maribyrnong river near bridge pylons. I really like the 75mm version and colour Kamawutu which mimics a bait fish really well. Worked slowly with aggressive small twitches and lengthy pauses.


Munroes 3.75 inch PaddleTail

Around my local area, this little soft plastic has become very popular. Especially in the colour called “Glass Monkey” which replicates the bait of the Werribee River so well. Rigged on a standard, weedless or HWS jighead anywhere from 1/12 to 1/28 has seen these as a standout choice for bass when worked slowly.