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Do you have a passion for fishing and writing?

Great because FishingMad is growing and we’re excited to bring on additional report writers. Our loyal FishingMad Members have expressed the platform could benefit from more report writers covering the following key areas.

  • Report writer covering Land Based Fishing
  • Report writer covering Freshwater Fishing
  • Report writer covering Gippsland and estuary fishing.
  • Report writer covering PPB between St Kilda and Frankston
  • Report writer covering the Geelong area.
  • Report writer covering Western Port Kayak Fishing.

What we’re looking for

We have a fun and positive team and looking for someone who shares the same values.

  • Someone reliable.
  • Someone with a genuine passion for fishing.
  • Someone with good fishing knowledge and experience.
  • A team player with a can-do helpful attitude.
  • Someone who understands the value the FishingMad members portal provides and wants to help it grow and succeed.

What’s Required

A fishing report between 500 – 1,000 words submitted on the 18th of each month covering.

  • What’s fishing well in your region and surrounding areas that you recommend?
  • Insight into your recent fishing adventures ( plus some pics of your catches and adventures )
  • General fishing advice
    • Predictive insight on target species and areas to fish for the coming month.
    • Techniques that are currently working well.
    • Insight into the lure, soft plastic, and bait choices.
    • Details of the gear you’re using and why.
    • Rigging techniques

 We’re not after any secret spots but helpful insight into what’s fishing well and recommendation on how to catch, techniques, locations, and gear choices. Our members have various skill levels and fish a combination of land-based, kayaking, jet skis, and boat fishing across the bay, lakes, and estuaries. They follow closely and value the platform as genuine advice from a helpful online community.

What we provide in return

In return, we want to make sure you have a space where you can grow and flourish and be rewarded for the insight that you share. We will often customize the offering to suit you and your skill sets. To ensure it’s fun and rewarding.

  • Be part of a fun and engaging team
  • Have your own dedicated report page with links to your social media pages.
  • $250 Gear fund annually.
  • Free access to the FishingMad Members Platform.
  • Free FishingMad Merch supplied.
  • Opportunities to feature on FishingMad TV show and podcast.
  • Approval of your content on the FishingMad Facebook Group Page ( within reason )
  • Coaching on content and writing techniques. With real opportunity to grow as the platform does.