Please see the video link here – Alan Bonnici from FishingMad was challenged to try and catch a fish out in the bay using only an inflatable pool tube instead of a fancy kayak. Equipped only with a 1DFR spin rod, packet of Savage Gear Fathead curltail soft plastics, a net, orr, life jacket and pliers. This challenge came from a follower who suggested that certain fisherman only catch fish because the have expensive kayaks such as hobbies. To make a point we took this claim to the extreme and decided to prove a point by using a $30 pool tube from BCF out in the bay from Campbells cove. This The challenge was accepted thankfully Alan managed to land a few fish without drowning, being stung or eaten.

Watch the video carefully at 3:05 you will see something large surface right next to Alans pool tube. Lost of debate on whether this was a sting ray, shark, seal or dolphin. Have a look and see what you think. This is a classic. It was very challenging to keep balance, navigate through some issues with broken line but with persistence Alan landed 2 Snook, 4 Pinkies and 2 Flathead in just over an hours fishing. All in a bit of fun, please don’t try this on your own, we acknowledge that this is a little dangerous if not done in a controlled fashion.