Princess Pier Snapper report. Finally, Melbourne was allowed to go fishing once again. Dan Andrews had finally loosened the reigns on level 3 COVID-19 restrictions. Alan and Mark headed straight towards Port Melbourne. Starting their session near the ever-popular princess pier pylons. The guys anchored up around 20 meters away from the structure casting towards it. First few casts and both the guys landed pinkies between 35 and 40 cms. Taken on 4-inch jerk shads in motor oil and white pearl on a 1/8 2/0 jig head. This trend continued for the next hour catching many mid-size pinkies and bay trout. Alan decided to throw out an unweighted half pilchard on a size 4/0 circle hook. Minutes later the rod buckled over and Alan battled the fish out of the structure and finally into the net landing a 65cm Snapper.

The guys then anchored up even closer to the structure and the first cast in Alan landed another 60cm snapper which wrapped him around one of the poles. After a messy fight and tangled lines everywhere, Alan brought the 60cm snapper on deck. It was a great mornings fishing with many more pinkies and many more small salmon caught.

You can read more about catching snapper on our Snapper fishing tips around Melbourne. Please see the full video of the fishing session below. Princess Pier Snapper report.