Fishing report for Werribee River entrance Snapper. Kevin this week ventured out fishing the afternoon around Werribee. The winds were still quite high so instead of seeking deeper water near the spoil grounds. He instead choose to fish in quite close to shore in 6 meters deep. The areas had quite murky water and with strong winds weed was often gathering on your bait.

However, Kevin was very surprised and thankful to land a 5 kilo snapper within the first hour of fishing during the slack tide. The snapper taking a full silver whiting on single 5/0 Mustad hook. It was Kevin’s season opener and sure did give one hell of a fight. The snapper going for a big last run just before being netted. The winds became stronger pushing 30 kilometres. Therefore Kev and his passengers decided to venture towards the Werribee river mouth and fish there seeking shelter from the strong winds. They reduced the hook sizes and leader strength and changed baits from silver whiting to the humble scrub worms. To Kevin’s delight in the hour they fished there they would land a couple of pinkies around 50cm and 2 bream up to 38cm.

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