Wyndham Harbour Mulloway Fishing. Stephen Vessey from “fishing with Steve” had planned a day out on the water kayak fishing with his son Logan at Campbell’s cove. But the weather changed nasty without warning despite the pleasant forecast and forced them to ditch their beloved kayaks. Logan suggested that they instead pack the kayaks up ahead to the nearby Wyndham harbour rock wall which would allow them to still fish. Whilst Logan was fishing with bait Steve decided to try his luck Zman 8″ jerk shad in Pearl with a 10gm jig head which he assumed would be substantially too large for the area.

However, after only his 3rd life after one cast, he thought the plastic had become snagged. Wait a second the supposed snag took off like a rocket leaving Steve’s heart was racing. The reel started to scream; he now knew it was a good fish which is a big challenge when fishing from the rock wall. Bringing a fish in has its challenges but landing the fish from a steep and slippery rock wall is another thing altogether. Steve carefully climbed down the slippery rocks but slipped and sliced his foot open between 2 rocks. But he carried on and after some intense moment finally landed an amazing mulloway. Sometimes it’s just a case of being at the right place at the right time. This happened to be his first jewfish and a prized catch and lifelong memory. The Mulloway was just shy of a meter in length a huge well done. Steve would then venture off to the doctors where he would receive 6 stitches to sew up his busted foot.