Welcome to the best spinning rods 2021 buyers guide. As consumers, we are spoilt for choice with the endless volume of high-end spin rods available on the market. Different brands, different sizes and different budgets to cater to all skill levels from beginners through to tournament anglers. I have been looking at purchasing a couple of high-end spin rods for myself. An ultra-light rod for target species such as bream and estuary perch with soft plastics and hard body lures. And another outfit slightly heavier which could be used for targeting freshwater species such as trout and redfin and inshore species such as flathead and pinky snapper.

My investigation kicked off by visiting countless tackle stores. Then trolling through countless manufacturer websites to really understand and compare the differences. Really looking into the finer details of weight, strength, balance, components, build quality and price. I also studied the best spinning reels 2021 available to pair with the rod.

So, let’s start by looking at light spin outfits available in the market sorted by price. High-end rods over $500, mid-range rods under $500 and entry-level rods under $200.


Best spin rods 2021

These are the best rods available on the market. They come with a steep price point but in return provide the buyer with the highest-grade components and build quality. Superior blanks, guides and feel. These rods are targeted at tournament anglers or keen anglers who don’t mind splashing some cash to have the best available. In this range, you will find.

  • Daiwa Steez – $699
  • Samurai infinite – $679
  • Megabass destroyer – $599
  • Samurai Reaction – $589
  • Wilson Venom – $549
  • Miller Rods Grub freak Lt – $545
  • Miller Twitch freak Lt – $545


Best mid range Spin rods under $500

These are generally the most popular rod choices in the market. High-quality components to satisfy most anglers without the steep price point. Tournament anglers through to keen weekend warriors would rate many of these rods very highly.

  • Daiwa Infeet EX 2020 – $499
  • Samaki C-12 V3 – $399
  • JML perfection – $389
  • Miller rod XLFC – $365
  • Abu Garcia Eradicator finesse – $345
  • Daiwa Infleet Z 2020 – $329
  • Shimano Zodias JDM 2020 – $299
  • Daiwa TD Zero – $299
  • JML Sensation ALL Rounder – $249
  • Samaki Zing Xtreme V2 – $239
  • Abu Garcia Veritas 3.0 – $239
  • Daiwa 20 TD Black – $239


Best entry level Spin rods under $200

The market for spin rods under 200 dollars is massive. In fact, many of our major fishing retailers make a large portion of their monthly sales based on these products alone. These rods are perfect for beginners, weekend warriors and serious anglers who don’t feel the need to overspend.

  • Savage Gear 1DFR – $169
  • NS Amped II – $150
  • Atomic Arrowz – $149
  • Daiwa TD Hyper V2 – $149
  • Savage Gear Black – $149
  • Shimano Raider – $139
  • Daiwa Aird-X – $109


Best spinning rod 2021 conclusion.

There is no wrong or right choice here, it will simply come down to your own personal preference, budget availability and purpose of usage. As buyers, we are swayed by brands, esthetics and features. We are also open to marketing hype and recommendations from friends and tackle stores. Many will automatically lean to a type of brand that they already have a level of trust with.  Maybe that Daiwa maybe that’s Shimano maybe its a more affordable brand such as Savage Gear or Abu Garcia. Whatever you choose you will find some ripping options to choose from in this list.


Additions or corrections

Thanks for reading the best spinning rods 2021 article. You can purchase these rods as most fishing tackle stores. You can also see many fishing videos around Melbourne and Victoria. If you have any questions, corrections or additions then please direct them to enquiries@fishingmad.com.au and we will get back to you as soon as we can.