If you enjoy fishing with light tackle then you’re going to love this news. Savage Gear has released a new product line of fishing rods labelled LRF. Curious what LRF stands for Light Range Fishing and this will be apparent the first time you hold one. Why? because of their extremely thin profile and lightweight making fishing exceptionally fun. These rods are inspired by light rock fishing but will flourish in local Aussie conditions. Specifically when used for flicking lures and lightly weighted soft plastics for bread and butter species such as bream, whiting, trout, redfin, squid, pinkies, trevally, mullet and flathead. In fact they’re perfect for freshwater fishing, estuary fishing and targeting smaller species out in the bay.



This range of rods get their exceptionally light profile thanks to new technology labelled “Toray carbon”. This allows for a very thin profile whilst having the strength to handle a decent size fish with ease. These rods will work very well with light monofilament and braid line to give you total control. I will generally be using braid or monofilament line anywhere between 4 to 8 pounds. Apart from the thin profile these rods also look great stylish finishing touches and colour schemes to really stand out.

Our tests with the LRF rods

My first experience was using the ultra light 6 foot 6 version in the 1-3 kilo capacity. Which isn’t much thicker than a toothpick paired with a Savage Gear stealth 2000 with 4 pound braid. Sometimes the fishing gods are smiling down on you and my 3rd cast of the day landed a magnificent 47cm Redfin. You immediately worry about landing a decent size fish with gear so light. But the LRF rod handled exceptionally well, allowing you to stay in direct contact with the fish, feel its every movement allowing you to steer it away from snags. That morning I caught 10 other redfin none quite as big as the 47cm model but I thoroughly enjoyed catching the smaller ones on this rod. When fishing with a rod this light even the small fish give you a fight.

Since that initial session, I have spent countless hours using the LRF rod chasing bream in many of Melbourne’s local estuary systems ( The Maribyrnong River, Yarra River & Patterson River ). Using the LRF 1-3 kilo rod, coupled with a Stealth 2000 reel generally spooled with 6 pound braid. The lures of choice have been the Savage Fathead crank lures and the Savage UV pro grubs. ( both in a range of colours ). This has been a deadly combination that has counted for so many bream between 25 to 43cm. This style of fishing is my true passion, it’s so much fun playing bream on gear this light.

LRF Rods are perfect for bream on lures

LRF Rods are perfect for bream on lures

Further LRF rod testing

I then started using the LRF rod and Stealth 2000 with surface poppers, targeting estuary perch and whiting. Doing this at Albert Park lake on sundown targeting EP’s using the latest Savage Gear surface poppers in 4.5cm. This worked exceptionally well the sensitivity of the rod worked really well to control the popper and to feel when a timid estuary perch was inquiring without striking. I then took this same style of fishing to Queenscliff targeting whiting in the shallows, this is a truly fun way of fishing and that is heightened when your using gear so light and sensitive.

My latest ventures with this rod have been using the 7 foot 6, 3-5 kilo and chasing squid land base of the rocks around Mornington and Werribee. I have generally used this with a Stealth 3000 or Black 2000 series reel. You get exceptional casting distance with this setup using Savage Gears egi shrimp squid jigs. This has seen many squid landed and some great eating at my house in recent time. I have also used the same setup in the surf in areas such as Torquay and Gunammatta flicking heavy metal lures for salmon. Catching a salmon over 50cm on gear this light is amazing, salmon are very underrated sports fish going on bursts of speed and aerial acrobatics to spit the hook but you are in constant contact with the fish using the LRF rod series.

LRF Rod size and weight options

Many sizes and models in the LRF range are available including

6 foot 6 inch / 1-3 kilo
7 foot / 2-4 kilo, 3-5 kilo, 3-6 kilo
7 foot 6 inches / 1-3 kilo, 3-5 kilo
8 foot / 2-4 kilo, 3-6 kilo

Heavier FRF Rods are perfect for targeting squid

Heavier FRF Rods are perfect for targeting squid

LRF fishing rod build quality

Hard Eva handles which look amazing, 30T High Modulus Toray carbon fibre with sensi tips meaning hollow for lightweight but very strong, high-quality blanks, Premium SIC guides with stainless steel frames, Line Flow Tapered Micro Guide System. Its great build quality considering the price point and looks great.

LRF fishing rod price point

The LRF range of fishing rods is sold exclusively through BCF for a price point of $179. You can see them through the BCF online store here. Keep your eyes out on promotions which have had the rod as low as $125 which is a bargain.

What we like about the LRF spin rods

Looks great, amazing colours and finishes
So sensitive which makes fishing very fun
Solid rod it may be light but they can handle a decent size fish
Perfect for bread and butter Aussie species such as bream, squid, pinkies, redfin, trout, flathead, whiting, estuary perch and much more.


For the time being, this will certainly be my goto rod for fishing for species such as bream, squid, pinkies, redfin and trout. It’s such a light profile just makes fishing so exciting and enjoyable. It’s stylish and light and suits me to a tee. Keep your eyes on specials as these rods are sold exclusively through BCF and there have been some recent good sales.  If you have any further notes, suggestions or corrections then please don’t hesitate to contact us directly on enquiries@fishingmad.com.au Likewise if you have any images of videos of this product that you would like to share with us or have added to the review.