The personal watercraft fishing scene is exploding in recent years. Kayak fishing has grown in immense popularity and so has Jet Ski fishing. The combination of fishing and a fun day out on the water is very appealing to so many. I have looked on with great interest to see local jet skiers getting creating building there own custom storage, rod holders and cooling systems to turn their normal ski into a fishing vessel. But thanks to Seadoo we now have a Jet Ski built for a purpose. The worlds first custom built fishing Jet Ski designed by fishing enthusiasts. As an owner of a small runabout boat, it immediately had me thinking of trading in my boat for one of these which presents as a whole new day out of adventure for the whole family.

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Seadoo Fish Pro Key features

51-litre cooler box full with custom rod holders, Standard mounted Garmin ecomap fishfinder and navigation unit with transducer underneath, Stereo with Bluetooth connectivity, 9 trolling speeds, 70-litre tank. with speeds up to 100 kilometres on the water, very stable PWC, extra comfy seating, non slip deep side rails for fishing.

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Seadoo Fish Pro handling on the water

From our tests, we were particularly impressed with just how stable the ski was. Our session was in Port Phillip Bay from Altona during 40-kilometre winds and high swells. Without doubt, it handled better than many small runabout boats and undoubtedly much faster and fun. Moving around the ski to fish wasn’t a problem either during these choppy conditions. When motoring around the ski picked up speed quickly, it was smooth and even during choppy conditions cut through the water at fast speeds effortlessly. The seats are absolute quality and no shortage of comfort. The length of the Jet Ski is longer than most which mean the cooler doesn’t compromise for seating and fishing space. There are also handles for passengers thankfully who don’t need to hold onto the driver.  

Fishing Jet Ski

How is the fishing experience on a Seadoo Fish Pro

For our test 2 of us fished the ski with 1 rod both using soft plastics. We were impressed with just how much space there was 2 of us fished comfortably on the PWC without any difficulty. We could easily move around and swap positions without the other feeling unbalanced or in the way However if you were fishing on your own you could easily load up with 3 or 4 bait rods and target species such as snapper. There are ample storage, rod holders and cooler to keep bait fresh to allow you to do this.

The 9 trolling modes are better than anticipated and would be ideal on lakes and days without as much swell. I could imagine how good this would be when targeting species such as Murray Cod, trout and yellow belly.

Seadoo Fish Pro Design

There is no doubt that this Jet Ski has a very stylish look and design that stood out during our event. Our event showcased 12 different skis yet the majority of locals walking past stopped to ask questions specifically about the Fish Pro 155.

Seadoo Fish Pro 155 Review

Seadoo Fish Pro Storage

The Fish Pro has ample storage. There is immediate waterproof storage for quick access items such as keys, phone and wallet. Then lifting the front was plenty of storage for all other items including your fishing tackle. The front of the cooler has rubber netting which provides extra storage which we used for scissors, pliers, soft plastic packets, food and drinks.

Seadoo Fish Pro Specifications

Seating capacity: 3
Power: 155hp 1503cc 3-cylinder Rotax motor ( turbo upgrades available )
Top speed: 100 kilometres on water
Fuel tank: 70 Litres
Length: 3.7 meters
Weight: 390 kilos
Servicing: every 50 hours

Seadoo Fish Pro Price

These impressive units start from $20,000 but do go instore and run through the options. Items such as a trailer, registration, blue tooth audio with speakers are additional extras. There are also additional accessories you can consider such as additional rod holders.

Where to buy a Seadoo fish pro

You can go in store and check out a fish pro at Melbourne Seadoo at 99 Bulla Rd, Essendon Fields VIC 3042.

A final word from the author

These are very cool watercraft that make you question owning a boat. There fun, zippy and offer great options for fishing. If you have any further notes, suggestions or corrections then please don’t hesitate to contact us directly on Likewise if you have any images of videos of this product that you would like to share with us or have added to the review.