Strike Pro Bob n Spoon Review. What can I say I love fishing gear? I’m fascinated by the subtle technology and design changes to take all sorts of fishing gear to the next level. Every now and again you a get pleasant and unexpected surprise a positive reaction to something you didn’t think would move you.



That’s where my story begins of the strike pro bob n spoon. I love freshwater fishing targeting trout and perch with light spinning gear. For some years I have been using pressed metal spoons particularly the Nories Wasaby and the Pontoon 21 paco spoons. I really took to these spoons. They will have a simple design but they cast a country mile and I managed to catch plenty of trout and redfin with them. Especially good size ones. There however was one drawback that continually frustrated me and that was the costs of losing these metal spoons.

Therefore I decided to look for some cheaper alternatives and my local tackle store recommend that I try the Strike pro bob n spoon. At first glance, they looked quite plasticky and cheaply made, but at a price of $13 they were significantly cheaper than the alternatives I had been using for some time.

Fishing with the Strike Pro Bob N Spoon

I purchased a handful of these Bob n Spoon plastic spoons in different colours as there was a great colour range to choose from. Selecting colours of UV pink, bright orange and 3 natural trout looking colours. I took them to a local freshwater system in the middle of winter chasing trout. A few casts in I was very pleasantly surprised at how good these were. They were only 7.3 grams in weight yet that cast a long way. The action on them was fantastic doing a simple slow roll at a slow or medium pace they reminded me of a Bent Minnow or a Tassie devil as the darted from side to side creating its own natural action. This was all to do with the strange moulded plastic design which just works so well. I also found adding the occasional down flick helped increase the action and depth.

The treble surprisingly sits on the front of the lure, it sinks quite slowly and horizontally which is great when fishing shallower system or adding pauses. However, you can change the treble to be at the back which gives it a significantly different swimming action. 10 minutes into my session I landed a 47cm brown trout. I was really pleased with this result. I kept fishing and landed another 2 trout. 1 rainbow that was 38cm and another brown that was 52cm. These lures although simple has really surprised me.

Strike Pro Bob N Spoon design

Looking at the Bob N Spoon in more detail

They’re made out of hollow plastic with a single treble at the back. There is a glued-on 3d eye, quite a simple paintwork on one side with chrome silver on the opposite side. I actaully like having one side painted and the other side raw chrome is it is a nice balance of colour and shine. The paint looks like it might scratch away after a few catches but overall has been quite durable. It has some internal ball bearing rattles to make a sound to play on a fish predatory instincts. I know looking at these lures that they are probably quite inexpensive to make. But you know what it didn’t matter, this lure was only $13 to buy and worked great.

I have since used these lures for some time now and they have been one of my go-to freshwater lures. I have caught many trout, redfin and perch on them. Click here to read our guide on the best lures to catch redfin. I have enjoyed the simplicity of casting and slow rolling with some odd pauses. These lures could also work really well jigged or trolled from the back of a boat or kayak. I could see species such as salmon taking a real liking to these lures. In fact that how they got the name Bob n Spoon which is a play on the action of the spoon when jigged or trolled.

Strike Pro Bob N Spoon colours

Strike Pro Bob N Spoon Specs

A new take on an old classic. Sinking, 7.3 grams, 5.5 cm long, 1 single treble, Downer ST36 trebles size 8, 12 available colour options natural and brights in UV and non UV. Great for freshwater species trout, redfin, yellow belly, bass and perch. But could also be very effective on saltwater species such as salmon and tailor.

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