Zman GrubZ is synonymous with soft plastic fishing in Victoria. The Zman GrubZ range essentially is a soft plastic with a thin curl tail and that has a great wriggling action as it descends which is irresistible to a wide range of fish species. They look lifelike and are very strong that can be fished in the estuary, freshwater or the bay. They have become extremely popular amongst serious Bream fisherman who has had great success using them with very lightly weighted jig heads. It’s unusual to see a particular colour stand out however the motor oil colour has grown to profound popularity and is one that most anglers will have stored in their tackle box.




The Zman grubz are very strong and stretchy. Built upon a technology called Elaztech they are advertised as 10 times stronger than other plastics in the market. I have noticed that even after multiple bites from Bream or Redfin that the soft plastic is still in good condition. Often other plastics will be chewed up and need to be replaced. They even seem to withstand bites from toothy species like puffer fish and leather jackets which generally bite the tails off.

Zman GrubZ Convenience

For some fisherman, they simply take a rod reel some jig heads and pack of Zman grubz with them and there set for a day or targeting multiple species. I have often done this myself targeting Pinkies and Flathead in the Bay, Bream in the estuaries and Redfin in freshwater with great success. I have especially enjoyed doing this drifting over shallow reefs when chasing Pinkies and casting into the structure for Bream.

To get the best out of them is to smear a little bit of scent over the tail. I like to use procure shrimp or mullet scent or some S-factor. I find when the bite is quiet this certainly helps.

The Zman Grubz Colour Range

Motor oil, Violet Sparkle, Copper Penny, Bloodworm, electric Pink, Greasy Prawn, Amber, Pumpkinseed, Green Pumpkin, Watermelon Red, Shimmer Pearl, Bubble Gum, Neon Pink, Black, Hardy Head, Greasy Prawn, Gudgeon, Chartreuse Sparkle, Gold Flake, Smoke Hologram, Blue gimmer sparkle, Glow bone. They also come in a range of UV that glow.

Zman grubz great colour range

Zman grubz great colour range

Zman Grubz available Sizes

2 inch, 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch ( 9 inch available but not common in Australia )
They can be fished with a whole range of different weighted jig heads. Bream fisherman will often use light jig heads with a hidden weight system. I generally use 1/16 through to 1/40 when chasing Bream. In freshwater and out in the bay I will go heavier and generally fish around 1/8 jig head.

Please note there is also the Streak Curly Tails which is a 4 inch variation that’s great for bigger model fish like Snapper.

Species to target with Zman GrubZ

Zman grubz were designed with Bream in mind, however, I have caught a whole range of species including Flathead, Snapper, Redfin, Trout, Bass, Trevally, Mullet & Whiting.

bream just love zman grubz in motor oil

bream just love zman grubz in motor oil


Technique and action of Zman Grubz

There are a couple of ways to properly use this soft plastic. The first is cast and wait for the soft plastic to hit the bottom, you will know this because your line will become slack. Followed by a subtle lift, twitch and pause reeling in the little bit of slack line and allowing the plastic to once again slowly sink down to the bottom. Let the plastic sit on the bottom for 5 to 10 seconds and continually repeat this process. This has been the most effective for me and I have found most fish will take the plastic on the drop.

Another simply technique is to cast out, allow the plastic sink towards the bottom then simply slow roll your plastic. This to can be very successful.

Zman Grubz Price

Packets of Zman Grubz are generally priced around $9 a packet. You get 8 soft plastics per packet which makes these very affordable and a great choice.

Zman Grubz pros and cons

Terrific action
Very strong
Can target a whole range of species with one plastic
Large colour range

Occasionally you need to realign the grub on your jig head which has a habit of slipping down. Some fisherman place a little bit of glue on the top of the jig head to keep it stuck in place.

You need to be careful how you store the zman grubs as I have found on occasions the tails can melt together. So make sure you store them in a cool location and away from other soft plastics.


Quite simply its a terrific product which I have used to great success over many years. Many other brands have tried to replicate the look and feel. Its durable, affordable and available in a wide range of colours that allows me to target many different species. Its a soft plastic which anglers must have easily available in their tackle boxes.  If you have any further notes, suggestions or corrections then please don’t hesitate to contact us directly on Likewise if you have any images of videos of this product that you would like to share with us or have added to the review.