Has there ever been a lure as simple yet as effective as the Zman Slim SwimZ. A downsized swim bait that simply imitates a minnow. With a brilliant custom paddle tail action this soft plastic does much of the work and produces great results with a simple slow roll. You can also catch by slowly trolling or hoping of the soft plastic of the bottom but I have found a simple slow roll to be very effective.

Its an all round fantastic option that allows you to target many different species of fish. I can attest to catching plenty of bream with these soft plastics particularly when rigged with a light HWS hidden weight system jig head in weights ranging from 1/12 all the way through to 1/40. That being said I have also caught flathead, redfin, trout, mullet, flounder, pinkies, salmon, golden perch, estuary perch, carp and other species with this very versatile soft plastic.

I have also used this soft plastic whilst fishing land-based, on kayak and on boat and the results have consistently been good. When the bite has gone quiet i have introduced some scent lightly rubbed into the tail which helps encourage timid fish.

Colour options

23 different colour options, means you have options for just about every situation. Natural looking colours are brilliant for targeting fish in our estuary systems, whilst bright colours work well on fresh water species.

Size options

Originally these soft plastics were only available in a 2.5 inch size which are brilliant for pan sized fish  especially bream but recently Zman has also released a 3 inch size which is great when using these out in the bay. Species such as pinkies and flathead love the larger sizes.

Rigging Up

Its very easy to rig these soft plastics. I really think a great way of using them is with a HWS hidden weight system jig head in weights ranging from 1/12 all the way through to 1/40. This allows for a nice slow sink rate and a very natural moment when slow rolling.


How could you possibly complain about getting these soft plastics for around $10 for a pack of 8 soft plastics from most retail outlets. Thats terrific value and if your lucky you wont go through to many jig heads which again are not very expensive to buy. These soft plastics are very durable and often don’t need to be replaced after getting a bite unlike may other soft plastics in the market.


10X Tough ElaZtech construction means more fish per lure

Super-soft and flexible for maximum action and a realistic feel

Naturally buoyant for a life-like presentation and tail up pose at rest

Realistic baitfish profile and lively paddle tail

Under hooked tail creates a unique tail action and body roll

Price Point

The base unit at most locations sells for around $4,500. I must say that this is a steep price point to pay and the base unit misses many key features that you would find in the rival hobie. Again I was able to achieve all of those key features with upgrades and some cleverness but all came with extra cost.

Final word from the author

This has become one of our favorite fishing soft plastics. Its easy to use and easy to rig up. Its very affordable and comes in a great range of colours. I keep going back to it time and time again. Bream just love this soft plastic and you don’t have to get fancy to catch them simple cast and a slow roll will get you your fair share of fish

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