Bream local fish species facts and Limits. Bream are found in many estuary systems around Victoria and have become one of the most targeted fish in all of Australia. With the explosion of ultra light spin rods, soft plastics, lures, kayaks and runabout boats. National competitions such as the ABT, Vic bream classic, hobie classic are thriving and growing. What makes Bream such an intriguing fish as there renowned smarts, their fighting attributes and their ability to play with baits without taking the hook. Learning to master Bream fishing takes time and patience that makes you an overall better fisherman for all other species. There a brilliant species to target on ultra light spinning gear. There are two type of bream around Victoria. Black bream are the most common and yellow fin bream which are more silver in colour. Most bream caught range between 25cm & 40cm. A good size Bream in Victoria is 35cm and over.

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Size & Limits: 

minimum legal size is 28 cm. Daily bag limit of 10 over legal size. At FishingMad we highly recommend catch and release.

Scientific name

Acanthopagrus butcheri

Bait Recommendations:

Sandworms, prawns, maggots, scrub worms, pilchards, mussels, yabbies, raw chicken strips

Lure Recommendations:

The choice of bream lures is simply endless. Good options include crab imitations such as Cranka Crabs. Grub style soft plastics such as Z-man grubz, Savage Gear pro grub. Minniw imatations such as the Z-man slim SwimZ and Savage slim minnow. Crank hard body lures such as Jackall Chubby, Atomic Hardz, Savage Gear Fat head, Berkeley 3B crank puppy dog. Shallow diving minnow hard body lures such as Daiwa Double Clutch, OSP Bent Minnows. Then you have Blades and Vibes such as EcoGear ZX, VX, Range, Strike Pro Hummer vibe, Berkley Big Eye blades, Hurricane Vibe,


Use roughly 1 rod length of a quality fluoro carbon leader when lure fishing. Bream love structure. If you’re fishing with soft plastics or lures its a good idea to stay active and keep moving around. Try to find structure such as weed beds, pontoons, oyster racks and cast as close to the structure as possible. Some lures and imitations require finesse and patience. Don’t retrieve lures to quickly.

Rod/Rig setup:

Fish as light as possible with a 7 foot rod with 1–3 or 2-4 kilo capacity, with a 1000 or 2000 or 2500 size reel spooled with fine monofilament or braid. Ideally you need a rod sensitive to see the bites & inquiries. There are many rods combos on the market designed for Bream Fishing. If bait fishing a very simple running rig. A small bean sinker to swivel, then roughly 45cm of 4 pound leader to a small hook

Great locations to target bream

Maribyrnong River, Tambo River, Lake Tyers, Hopkins River, Werribee River, Yarra River, Patterson River, Mallacoota, Mitchell River, Gippsland Lakes, Nicholson River

Best times:

Bream are an all year round prospect and can be caught at any time of the day. There often most active on the peak of high tides especially if that occurs during sunrise or sundown. In summer they reside in the edges within the shallows and seek deeper water in the colder months. Bream spawn between August and December.