Mulloway local fish species facts and Limits. Mulloway or Jewfish are a prized catch that sits on the top of many Victorian anglers bucket list. Its a big powerful fish that commands respect with needed patience and dedication to catch. Mainly caught in river mouths and estuary systems such as Barwon River, Mallacoota, Yarra River and Glenelg river. Mulloway are predators that will take bait and soft plastics.

Scientific name:

Argyrosomus japonicus

Size & limits:

Mulloway can grow well over a meter which is incredible for this strong fighting fish. The minimum legal size is 60cm with a daily bag limit of 5 over legal size

Bait Recommendations:

Mulloway are sizable predators that like feeding on smaller fish within their environment. Therefore live baits is a top choice when targeting Mulloway such as live mullet, salmon and whiting. With them carefully being rigged behind the back of the neck to allow th bait to swim freely or like a wounded fish. Dead baits can include pilchard, trevally, garfish, prawns, chicken & squid

Lure Recommendations:

Soft plastics that are generally larger then 70mm are great starting spot. Natural coloured flick baits, shads, paddle tails and grubz are top choices, you can also purchase pre made rigs such as slick rigs. Swim baits which are becoming increasingly popular and a great choice. Swimbaits are larger large designed to completely imitate a fish in its surrounding such as a mullet. .


Bait presentation and patience is critical when chasing Mulloway. Make the bait as natural as possible and be prepared to put in the hours including fishing throughout the night. Generally we have found bait to be more effective then lures at night.

Rod/Rig setup:

We recommend a 7 foot fishing rod 10 to 15 kilo class. Coupled with a 4000-500 reel spooled with 20 to 30 lb line and 40lb leader. Usually done with a basic running rig to a single 5/0 – 8/0 hook or a double snelled hook to present the bait nicely

Best times:

Mulloway can be caught anytime but they are more active at night and I have often heard very active during full moon phase