Tailor also known as Skipjack are an aggressive fish species more commonly caught in Gippsland areas but they also make seasonal runs within Melbourne. Quite often sighted in the Yarra around the Warmies and Docklands when the pumps have been running and the water conditions are warmer. Most Tailor caught within Victoria are under 55cm but they can grow to decent sizes and sure do punch above their weight when it comes to fighting qualities.

Size & Limits: 

minimum legal size limit of 23cm, and a daily limit of 20 over legal size.

Scientific name

Pomatomus saltatrix

Bait Recommendations:

You can target them in a similar fashion to targeting salmon. Good bait choices include pilchard, mullet, blue bait and garfish. Either on a single hool, ganged hooks and even on light wire trace if there cutting through your leaders.

Lure Recommendations:

Metal lures, stick baits and surface lures retrieved at a fast or medium pace work really well. Soft plastics to can be very effective. These trolled slowly from a boat can also work to great effect to find the schools.


Handle carefully they have sharp teeth that can do some damage. If your getting hook-ups but dropping a lot of fish then consider using a stronger leader or light wire trace.

Rod/Rig setup:

Tailor have sharp teeth so using a suitable line is essential.

Great locations to target them

Seasonally in Melbourne in specific areas otherwise there generally targeted in the Gippsland areas including Marlo, Lake Tyers & Mallacoota

Best times:

Peak of tide changes and on sunrise and sundown, but they move in schools and will actively feed in the right conditions.