Tuna local fish species facts and Limits. Tuna are a remarkable fish that creates a frenzy throughout the winter months in Victoria. Tuna have remarkable fighting qualities and unparalleled eating qualities. The missiles of the ocean are a true bucket list fish. There are several different types of Tuna the Bluefin, Yellowfin, & Albacore all which grow to massive sizes.  They require big heavy game outfits and unique methods such as trolling big skirts and hard body lures.

Scientific name:

Thunnus maccoyi

Size & limits:

No minimum legal size limit but a daily bag limit of 2.

Bait Recommendations:

Pilchards are a good option when bait fishing however we would recommend trolling skirts and diving hard body lures

Lure Recommendations:

Trolling scattered skirts and large hard body lures at a steady pace has proven to be the most effective way to target Tuna. Generally trolling between 5-10 knots. Hard body lures such as Rapala X-Rap in sizes ranging from 6 inch to 12 inch.

Eating Rating:

A top quality eating fish either sushi, steaks and may other ways.


When trolling keep an eye on your sounder for marks or big bait balls which are great signs that a hook-up isn’t to far away. Also keep an eye out for active birdlife or breaking water as signs of Tuna in the area.

Rod/Rig setup:

details coming soon…..

Great locations to target tuna

Portland, Apollo Bay, Port fairy

Best times:

Tuna fishing comes into its own during winter specifically May through to July. This is when the water temperature is below 15 degrees and the Tuna are active and feeding. Surrounding areas such as Portland as packed with local anglers trying to land a big one. This usually aligns with local whale watching times.