Welcome to the Members Kayak Club. Here we will add informative kayak related videos. This will include instructional kayak videos for beginners as well as kayak mods, kayak safety tips, a kayak review & general kayak fishing techniques. Don’t hesitate to contact us at alan@fishingmad.com.au with your kayak club topic suggestions which we will gladly take on board. Please note that several kayak club vids are currently being worked on and will be uploaded soon.

Fishing Nets when Kayak Fishing

I run through the different fishing nets which I use when on my kayak. You will fish different systems and target different species so at times you will need different nets. But you also need one that’s practical when fishing from a kayak in terms of balance, reach and storage.

How to clean squid ink stains of your kayak

Learn Safe weather for kayaking and boating. Easy to understand beginners guide

  • Learn how to predict safe weather conditions for kayaking and boating.
    • Learn wind strength
    • Learn wind direction and how to pick the right location to fish
    • Learn the swell by understanding the wind strength and direction
    • Learn to use simple free tools

My Kayak Walkthrough

  • You’ve been asking for this for some time and here it is a full walkthrough of my Hobie Pro Angler 14. I was waiting to finalise some recent mod installations and here is now a full kayak walkthrough of all the mods and changes I’ve done since buying it. Enjoy !!

Mounting a smartphone to your kayak

  • Need to be careful with this one but this might just be the safest way to mount a smartphone to you kayak

Kayak Retrieval Wheel Kit Mod

  • A detailed step by step guide on how I used to retrieve my kayak and a step by step and usage guide of the new Hobie Kayak wheel cart retrieval system.

How to travel safe in your trailer

  • using a travel hitch pin and why its important

How to install an electric motor onto your Kayak

  • Parts needed
  • Costs
  • Installation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Configuring
  • Positioning

Tips to keep your kayak organised and uncluttered when on the water.

  • Storage options
  • Keeping the cockpit area free
  • where to store items used occasionally
  • improve fishing time

Hobie Vantage Kayak Seat

  • Why buy Vantage chair Bag
  • cost
  • installation
  • usage
  • benefits

How to install an anchor trolley system

  • Why buy an anchor trolley system
  • cost
  • Full installation ( step by step )
  • usage

Kayak Accessories Deep Dive

  • Accessories to consider for your fishing kayak
  • Life jackets
  • Paddles/Peddles
  • Billage Pump / Leashes
  • Nets / Anchors / Berley Pots
  • Batteries / Sounders / Lights
  • Wheels / Roof Racks / Trailers
  • DIY Eski/H-Crate
  • Rod Holders / Camera Mounts
  • Storage/Tackle
  • Walkie Talkie, Ropes
  • Sun Protection
  • Fishing Tackle

Hobie H-Crate

  • Step by step assembly of H-Crate
  • Setup of H-Crate
  • On water usage of H-Crate
  • Benfits
  • Cost

Tips for waves and swell

  • How to launch in waves
  • How to position the kayak
  • Safety and fishing suggestions