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Welcome to the FishingMad fishing and boating product reviews. Here we road-test the latest line of rods, reels, lures and accessories. If you make fishing products and would like FishingMad team to test them feel free to email us at

Strapinno Retractable Ratchet Straps Review

Welcome to the Strapinno Retractable Ratchet Straps Review by FishingMad. Now and again you stumble upon a product that makes you wonder why it wasn’t done earlier. I recently came across retractable ratchet straps by a company called Strapinno. I’ve been kayak fishing and boating for over 20 years and […]

Tonic Polarised Fishing Sunglasses Review ( perception sunnies )

Welcome to the Tonic Polarised Fishing Sunglasses Review. I recently did my routine eye checkup at my optimist and needed to update the script of my normal prescription based glasses. What can I say it’s a part of aging and spending a lot of time outdoors fishing and in front […]

Glowbite Grumpy Fish Review

Welcome to the Glowbite Grumpy Fish Review by FishingMad. Grumpy Fish sliding lures by Glowbite are one of the most unique and strangest looking lures that I have ever come across. These lures were designed in New Zealand by Wes Braddock taking a simple concept and turning it into an […]

SwellPro Fisherman Max FD2 Review

Welcome to the SwellPro Fisherman Max FD2 Review – All you need to know !! article by FishingMad. I have covered so many different forms of fishing across various platforms on the FishingMad TV show and website. ( inshore, offshore, estuary, freshwater, boat, kayak, land-based, bait, lures, plastics, fly you […]

BerleyPro Kimmi Cart Review

Welcome to the BerleyPro Kimmi Cart Review. I’ve been kayak fishing for many years and during that time the kayak wheel cart system hasn’t changed much at all. Existing products on the market do the job whilst having some flaws that have always left me and other kayak anglers wishing […]

BaerSkin Hoodie 3 Review

Welcome to the Baerskin Tactical Hoodie 3.0 review by FishingMad. The fishing and filming never stops at FishingMad as we have a TV show to fulfil which means we are often out fishing and filming in unpleasant conditions. Battling cold winds, rain and so much more. It’s vitally important for […]

Fish-On Fire-X Circle Hooks Review

Welcome to the Fish-On Fire-X Circle Hooks Review. The new Fire-X circle hooks are made by local manufacturers Fish-On who specialise in Bait, Berley, and Tackle. Keen local fishos who have spent countless hours on the water chasing snapper with live feeds on social media and developing innovative products that […]

EcoFlow RIVER 2 Portable Power Station Review

EcoFlow RIVER 2 Portable Power Station Review by FishingMad. I’m always on the go fishing, camping, and filming all over Melbourne and Victoria. Covering hundreds of different locations for the FishingMad TV show and website. One of the challenges I constantly face when off the grid for a few days is […]

New Inku Squid Jigs

Welcome to New Inku Squid Jigs Review. Back in 2020, local squid jig developer INKU introduced new squid jigs into the market with 3 colours and 3 sizes to choose from. After 3 years of market research and development, they have come back strong and introduced a refreshed range of new […]

Shimano Poison Adrena Review

Shimano Poison Adrena Review by FishingMad. In Australia, the Poison Adrena is one of Shimono’s flagship rods. I’ve used these rods extensively for some time now and do have mixed feelings about it. Let’s run through its specs, its highs, its lows, plenty of on-water action, its cost, and an […]

Best Bream Lures and Soft Plastics – Top 10 in 2024

Welcome to the Best Bream Lures and Soft Plastics – Top 10 in 2024. Looking for some great lure and soft plastic choices to catch bream then look no further. In no particular order, these 10 lures and soft plastics are widely considered the best bream lures and soft plastics […]

Hobie Lynx Review

Hobie Lynx Review. I was excited to road-test the new Hobie Lynx Kayak. It’s a unique product that fills a gap in recreational kayak fishing. A product that’s light, portable, stable, and no fuss. On the surface, the Hobie Lynx looks like a SUP with a mounted chair and mirage […]

Olight Marauder Mini Torch Review

Welcome to the Olight Marauder Mini Torch Review. As my fishing adventures grow through the FishingMad YouTube channel and TV series, I’m always looking to push the limits and explore new avenues to create refreshing content. In recent times this has pushed me towards night fishing which is something I […]

Olight Array 2S Headlamp Review

Welcome to the Olight Array 2S Headlamp Review by FishingMad. Lighting has become a key component of my fishing and camping adventures in recent times. I can recall many situations where good lighting helped me to stay safe, organized and excel with fishing in low-light situations. This has included Fishing […]

Aqua-X Fishing Scent Review

Welcome to the Aqua-X Fishing Scent review by FishingMad. Soft plastics fishing is without a doubt my favourite form of fishing. Being armed with 1 rod, 1 reel a packet of soft plastics and jig heads. Then working an artificial bait in open waters or along the banks and catching […]

Best Kayak Lights for Night Fishing 2024

Welcome to Best Kayak Lights for Night Fishing 2024. As an avid kayak angler, it’s inevitable at some stage that ill be fishing in the dark. In fact, locally often peak fishing times are on first and last light. Especially between October and August when the snapper are on. Kayak […]

Shimano Stella FK Review

Welcome to the Shimano Stella FK Review. It’s an interesting time in the world with rising costs and growing financial pressures. Yet the demand for high-end reels is as strong as it’s ever been. The Shimano Stella has for many years been considered the Rolls Royce of fishing reels. We […]

Best Fish Finders Sounders for Kayaks

Welcome to the FishingMad article, Best Fish Finders Sounders for Kayaks. 2 things that I know very well are kayaks and sounders. Both have been a passion of mine for the last 15 years and I’ve lost count of how many different kayaks and sounders I’ve owned in that time. Marine […]

C-MAP Reveal Test and Review

Welcome to the FishingMad article C-MAP Reveal Test and Review. In this article, I will walk you through what is C-MAP reveal, How it’s installed, Why I decided to use it, the benefits it provides, its cost, strengths, and weaknesses. I love the technological advancements in marine electronics. In recent […]

BITE SCIENCE Soft Plastics Review

Welcome to the BITE SCIENCE Soft Plastics Review. There were many amazing products released during AFTA 2022. One item that caught our attention was the brand new soft plastics range called bite science released by Jarvis Walker. An extensive range of soft plastics including grubs, paddle tails, minnows, jerk shads, […]

ORORO Heated Jacket Review

Welcome to the ORORO Heated Jacket Review. I don’t consider myself fashionable and rarely get excited about clothing. But I was thrilled when I received my heated Men’s Jacket from Ororo. I am an avid fisherman, and the filming commitments never stop. It doesn’t matter if it’s 1 degree in […]

Gomexus Custom Reel handles and knobs

Welcome to the Gomexus Custom Reel handles and knobs. The team at FishingMad are genuine fishing gear enthusiasts. We love following and testing all the latest rods, reels, accessories, and terminal tackle. We enjoy seeing the advancements in technology and monitoring consumers’ appetites for emerging products. Recently we have found […]

Maximus-Rods Gravity Micro Jig Review

Welcome to the Maximus-Rods Gravity Micro Jig Review. Those who have followed my fishing adventures will know that I have an obsession with fishing with ultra-light gear. Continually pushing the limits on finesse fishing and experimenting with new gear on the market. I recently stumbled across the Gravity Micro jigging […]

Shimano TCurve Premium Review

Welcome to Shimano TCurve Premium Review. The T-Curve range of rods is a mature product range that has been around for many years. However, in 2020 we saw a major refresh of the product line-up quickly followed by a further refresh in 2021 with the new TCurve Premium. The T-Curve […]

Best Surface Lures 2024 – Topwater Fishing Lures that work

Welcome to the Best Surface Lures 2024 article from FishingMad. Topwater fishing with surface lures is growing in popularity. For good reason, it’s such a fun form of fishing and the strikes can be monumental. If you haven’t done topwater fishing before we highly encourage you to give it a […]

Stella FK Vs 22 Exist

Welcome to Stella FK Vs 22 Exist. I’m fascinated by the timing and marketing strategies of the 2 premier flagship spin reels on the fishing market the Shimano Stella FK and the Daiwa Exist 22. In March 2022 within 24 hours of each other both fishing powerhouses released the specs and […]

Favorite Fishing Black Swan Rod Review

Welcome to the Favorite Fishing Black Swan Rod Review. Favorite Fishing has a healthy global following in Europe, Asia and USA but isn’t a household name in Australia. This is surprising considering they have an existing mature line-up of fishing rods, spin reels, bait casters, apparel and accessories. In 2022 […]

GoPro 10 Overheating Disaster

Welcome to the GoPro 10 Overheating Disaster Review. I’ve been a long time GoPro fanboy. In fact, I’ve had nearly every revision of GoPro since they were first released many years ago. These little action cameras have become an integral part of my fishing adventures TV show, Youtube channel and […]

RiP Rac Rod Storage Review

Welcome to the RiP Rac Rod Storage Review. Those who know me know well will know that I’m very picky when it comes to my fishing gear. The brands and models I choose, the maintenance and general upkeep as well as the storage. The organisation of my fishing gear is […]

Best Snapper Soft Plastics

Welcome to the Best Snapper Soft Plastics article from FishingMad. Targeting snapper with soft plastics continues to grow as a popular form of fishing. Today the range of soft plastics on the market is very extensive which makes it quite confusing for consumers to understand which soft plastics are great […]

Savage Gear SG8 Reel Review

Savage Gear SG8 Reel Review. I’ve used a lot of Savage Gear products since their break into the Australian Market back in 2016. I’ve arguably used their range of rods and reels more than anyone in the country. It’s been an interesting journey watching and testing their product range. Over that […]

Salty Captain Boat Wash Review

Welcome to the Salty Captain Boat Wash Review. I’m quite precious when it comes to the upkeep of my boat and kayak. Maintenance, organisation and cleanliness play a big role in maximising your time out in the water and the longevity of your valued possessions. Salty Captain is a boat […]

Best Trout Lures 2024

Welcome to the Best Trout Lures 2024 article from FishingMad. Trout are an awesome freshwater fish species popular to target with lures and soft plastics. The volume of trout lures and soft plastics on the market is very extensive. This makes it quite confusing for consumers to understand which to […]

Best Redfin Lures 2024

Welcome to the Best Redfin Lures 2024 article from FishingMad. Targeting the humble redfin ( English Perch ) is a popular form of fishing. The range of redfin lures and soft plastics on the market is very extensive which makes it quite confusing for consumers to understand which to choose […]

Best Squid Jigs 2024

Welcome to the Best Squid Jigs 2024 article from FishingMad. Targeting squid has become such a popular form of fishing and the range of squid jigs and innovation in recent years is quite remarkable. The volume of squid jigs on the market is very extensive which makes it quite confusing […]

Shimano Stradic SW Review

Shimano Stradic SW Review by FishingMad. I purchased a couple of the new Shimano Stradic SW reels on the day of its release. Already in only a few weeks, I have really put the Shimano Stradic SW through its paces to see what it’s capable of. With many sessions on […]

GoPro mount showdown

Welcome to the GoPro mount showdown a battle between the GoPro head mount vs Chest mount vs BerleyPro action Hat. I’ve been a video blogger since 2016 creating an extensive volume of fishing videos for the FishingMad YouTube channel. I’m a technology enthusiast and have keenly followed advancements in action […]

Daiwa Luvias 21 Airity LT Preview

Welcome to the Daiwa Luvias 21 Airity LT Preview. Daiwa this week has provided a sneak peek into a refresh of the very popular Luvias series of reels. The new take for 2021 has been labelled Luvias 21 Airity. For many anglers, Luvias has been a go-to reel choice for […]

Best Braid Fishing Line 2024

Welcome to the Best Braid fishing line 2024 buyers guide or as we know it braid wars. As consumers, we are spoilt for choice with the endless volume of braid variations available on the market. Different brands, different sizes, and different budgets cater to all skill levels from beginners to […]

Abu Garcia Revo ALX

Welcome to the Abu Garcia Revo ALX review. When you think of Abu Garcia you think of quality fishing products at an affordable price point. Smart designs, durability fit for local conditions that will appeal to anglers of different abilities. That brings us to the Revo ALX spin reels. If […]

Daiwa infeet 2020 review

Welcome to the Daiwa infeet 2020 review. The new infeet spin rods by Daiwa have arrived ( November 2020 ) building upon the success and contemporary design of the Infeet 18 models. The new Infeet 20 rods look stylish and feel fantastic. Smart design choices and clever technology advancements in […]

Daiwa SOL 3 Review

Welcome to the Daiwa SOL 3 Review. Now, these reels have been around for a while initially released back in November 2017. In fact, it was the first of Daiwa’s reels to be released with LT technology. The reason why were reviewing these reels in 2020 is major fishing retailers […]

Sea-Doo fish pro 2021

Welcome to the Sea-Doo fish pro 2021 review. The Fish pro jet skis have been a welcome change to recreational fishing in recent years. The world’s first purpose-built fishing jet ski was initially released in 2019 with the original 155 model and the refreshed 170 version released in 2020. The […]

Daiwa bait junkie review

Daiwa bait junkie review. It’s great to see a fishing powerhouse like Daiwa branch out into new areas. Daiwa has an established reputation for making an amazing range of fishing rods, reels and lures and we welcome the venture into soft plastics which they have labelled as Bait junkie. BECOME […]

Shimano Saragosa 2021 review

Welcome to the new Shimano Saragosa 2021 review. The Shimano Saragosa is widely accepted as a favourite saltwater reel offering great affordability, reliability, and durability. A high performing saltwater reel without the expensive price point. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 7 years since the last release of the […]

Best Spinning Rods 2024

Welcome to the best spinning rods 2024 buyers guide. As consumers, we are spoilt for choice with the endless volume of high-end spin rods available on the market. Different brands, different sizes and different budgets to cater to all skill levels from beginners to tournament anglers. I have been looking […]

Berkley Reveal 2020 Products

Welcome to the Berkley Reveal 2020 Products. Berkley this week has announced some new and exciting additions to its product range. They will be showcasing these products by revealing a new product release every 24 hours on their website. Spoiler alert some of these products are already being advertised by […]

Best Spinning Reels 2024

Welcome to the best spinning reels 2024. In this article, we summarise our favorite spinning reels on the fishing market. Covering a whole range of different classes from the elite Stella and Exist to entry-level Siennas. Spanning a wide variety of budgets, brands, and applications. The range of reels on […]

New Shimano Vanford 2020 replaces the iconic Stradic CI4+

It’s a bold move by Shimano who has released the New Shimano Vanford 2020 spin reel and retired an old Aussie favourite. That’s right the new Shimano Vanford spin reels will replace the popular Stradic Ci4+ reels. The Vanford has taken the looks and feel of the iconic Stradic Ci4+ […]

Shimano Zodias 2020 Review

Shimano Zodias 2020 Review. The new Zodias rods have finally arrived, part of Shimano’s highly regarded JDM series. Popular with anglers and designed for fishing with lures and soft plastics for a whole range of local fish species. The older model Zodias rods released in 2015 were popular, so what’s […]

Trident Tackle Whiting Rigs Product Review

Trident Tackle Whiting Rigs Review. I love fishing products. In fact, you could say I’m a fishing gear and accessories junkie. I love following the advancements in coming fishing technology, reading about new gear, buying new gear and testing new gear. BECOME A FISHINGMAD MEMBER  Gain access to DETAILED FISHING […]

Daiwa Luvias 20 review

Welcome to the Daiwa Luvias 20 review. The Daiwa Luvias range of reels is synonymous with ultralight fishing over the past decade. For many anglers including weekend warriors, serious fishos and tournament anglers this reel has been a go-to choice for bream and trout fishing. Lightweight stylish design and reasonable […]

GoPro 8 Fishing review

Welcome to the GoPro 8 Fishing review. September and October have become synonymous time periods for new GoPro releases so here is our GoPro 8 Hero review. After months of speculations and product teasers on October the 1st 2019, the new GoPro 8 was finally released. I have been a […]

Strike Pro Bob N Spoon Product Review

Strike Pro Bob n Spoon Review. I love fishing gear and I’m always fascinated by the subtle technology and design changes that takes fishing gear to the next level. Every now and again you a get pleasant and unexpected surprise or a positive reaction to a product that you initially […]

Pontoon 21 Paco Spoon Product Review

In recent years metal spoons have become one of my first choices when selecting a lure for freshwater fishing. It’s surprising because when I first started using metal spoons I doubted them greatly. Sure they looked flash but on first tests, I thought they really lacked genuine movement and action […]

Rui Squid Jig Review | Great priced squid jigs

Rui Squid jig review. The explosion of squid jigs on the market in recent years is mind-blowing. With so many variations of squid jigs available with different features, sizes, weights, styles, colours and costs. There are squid jigs with rattles, UV glow, reflective cloth, shiny foils and 3D imitations mimicking […]

Savage Gear 1DFR Salt series fishing rods

Welcome to the Savage Gear 1DFR fishing rod series review. I have been using the range of 1DFR fishing rods exclusively since their release into the Australian market. These fishing rods released by Savage Gear is part of their new Savage Salt series of products. The range of rods fit […]

sea-doo fish pro review 2020 – A word class fishing jet ski

Welcome to the sea-doo fish pro review 2020. The personal watercraft fishing scene has exploded in recent years. Kayak fishing has grown in popularity and so has Jet Ski fishing. The combination of fishing and a fun day out zipping on the water is very appealing. I have watched with […]

Reedy’s Rigz – Paternoster Rig

Reedy’s rigz in recent years has become an increasingly popular product synonymous with local snapper fishing. What is Reedy’s Rigz exactly? Quality pre-made snapper rigs that you simply tie to your mainline, then attach a sinker of weight choice. It couldn’t be any easier for targeting snapper available in a […]

Savage Gear Stealth Spinning Reels

It’s been a big year for Savage Gear who cement itself in the Australian market as a key fishing product manufacturer. Recently the team at Savage Gear released their new range of spinning reels custom built to suit tough Aussie conditions. A welcomed change from Savage Gear who already have […]

Nories Wasaby Metal Spoon Review

Metal spoons have been around for a while now, but there has been a recent explosion of new types, brands models and colours. Therefore spoons are a trending product growing in popularity particularly for freshwater anglers. Increased sales would testify to this. In comes the Nories wasaby, a heavy jigging […]

Savage Gear LRF Fishing Rods Review

If you enjoy fishing with light tackle then you’re going to love this news. Savage Gear has released a new product line of fishing rods labelled LRF. Curious what LRF stands for Light Range Fishing and this will be apparent the first time you hold one. Why? because of their […]

Bullet Lures Review

Bullet lures have grown with immense popularity over the last couple of years. With a moderate price tag and exciting colour range this simple hard body lure has rapidly built a large following by local Victorians, Particularly throughout social media. Designed with freshwater species in mind the range of Bullet […]

Zman GrubZ review by FishingMad

Zman GrubZ is synonymous with soft plastic fishing in Victoria. The Zman GrubZ range essentially is a soft plastic with a thin curl tail and that has a great wriggling action as it descends which is irresistible to a wide range of fish species. They look lifelike and are very […]

Insanity Tackle Mini Vibe Review

Insanity Tackle Mini Vibe Review The team at Insanity Tackle have been busy designing their latest lure labelled the Insanity Tackle ‘Mini Vibe’. Wayne Dubois AKA “Mr Freshwater” has sent FishingMad a full range of the Mini Vibe catalogue for road test. If your unaware Wayne is one of Australia’s […]

Zman – Swim SlimZ

Has there ever been a lure as simple yet as effective as the Zman Slim SwimZ. It’s a downsized swimbait that simply imitates a minnow with a brilliant paddle tail action. This 2.5 inch soft plastic does much of the work and produces great results without you adding much action. These […]

Native Watercraft Slayer fishing Kayak

I’ve owned a native watercraft slayer fishing kayak ( Slayer 10 propel ) now for several years. I have hit the water countless time with it so I’ve had plenty of time to assess this fishing vessel overall performance, stability and affordability. You can see Native Watercraft kayak videos here. […]