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New Shimano Zodias 2020 is here

New Shimano Zodias 2020. It’s May 2020 and the new Shimano Zodias rods have finally arrived. This medium to high-end spinning rods part of Shimano’s highly regarded JDM series. Popular with Aussie anglers and well designed for flicking lures and soft plastics. The old Zodias were a great rod so […]

Trident Tackle Whiting Rigs

Trident Tackle Whiting Rigs Review. I love fishing products. In fact, you could say I’m a fishing gear and accessories junkie. I love following the advancements in coming fishing technology, reading about new gear, buying new gear and testing new gear. I received a message from Isaac Wood a local […]

Daiwa Luvias 20 reel is here in 2020

Welcome to the Daiwa Luvias 20 reel preview. The Daiwa Luvias range of reels has become quite synonymous with ultralight fishing over the past decade. For many anglers including weekend warriors, serious fishos and tournament anglers this reel has been a goto choice for bream and trout fishing. Lightweight stylish […]

GoPro 8 Hero Black review | Is it worth the upgrade?

Welcome to the GoPro 8 Hero review. September and October have become synonymous time periods for new GoPro releases so here is our GoPro 8 Hero review. After months of speculations and product teasers on October the 1st 2019 the new GoPro 8 was finally released. I have been a long-time […]

Strike Pro Bob N Spoon Review

Strike Pro Bob n Spoon Review. What can I say I love fishing gear? I’m fascinated by the subtle technology and design changes to take all sort of fishing gear to the next level. Every now and again you a get pleasant and unexpected surprise a positive reaction to something […]

Pontoon 21 Paco Spoon Product Review

In recent years metal spoons have become one of my first choices when selecting a lure for freshwater fishing. It’s surprising because when I first started using metal spoons I doubted them greatly. Sure they looked flash but on first tests, I thought they really lacked genuine movement and action […]

Rui Squid Jig Review

It’s difficult to get your head around the explosion of squid jigs released on the market in recent years. There are just so many squid jig variations with jigs at different budgets, sizes, weights, styles and colours. There are squid jigs with rattles, UV glow, reflective cloth, shiny foils and […]

Savage Gear 1DFR Salt series fishing rods

Welcome to the Savage Gear 1DFR fishing rod series review. I have been using the range of 1DFR fishing rods exclusively since their release into the Australian market. These fishing rods released by Savage Gear is part of their new Savage Salt series of products. The range of rods fit […]

Seadoo Fish Pro 155 Fishing Jet Ski

The personal watercraft fishing scene is exploding in recent years. Kayak fishing has grown in immense popularity and so has Jet Ski fishing. The combination of fishing and a fun day out on the water is very appealing to so many. I have looked on with great interest to see […]

Reedy’s Rigz – Paternoster Rig

Reedy’s rigz in recent years has become an increasingly popular product synonymous with local snapper fishing. What is Reedy’s Rigz exactly? Quality pre-made snapper rigs that you simply tie to your main line, then attach a sinker of weight choice. It couldn’t be any easier for targeting snapper available in […]

Savage Gear Stealth Spinning Reels

It’s been a big year for Savage Gear who cement themselves in the Australian market as a key fishing product manufacturer. Recently the team at Savage Gear released their new range of spinning reels custom built to suit tough Aussie conditions. A welcomed change from Savage Gear who already have […]

Nories Wasaby Metal Spoon Review

Metal spoons have been around for a while now, but there has been a recent explosion of new types, brands models and colours. Therefore spoons are a trending product growing in popularity particularly for freshwater anglers. Increased sales would testify to this. In comes the Nories wasaby, a heavy jigging […]

Savage Gear LRF Fishing Rods Review

If you enjoy fishing with light tackle then you’re going to love this news. Savage Gear has released a new product line of fishing rods labelled LRF. Curious what LRF stands for Light Range Fishing and this will be apparent the first time you hold one. Why? because of there […]

Bullet Lures Review

Bullet lures have grown with immense popularity over the last couple of years. With a moderate price tag and exciting colour range this simple hard body lure has rapidly built a large following by local Victorians, Particularly throughout social media. Designed with fresh water species in mind the range of […]

Zman GrubZ review by FishingMad

Zman GrubZ is synonymous with soft plastic fishing in Victoria. The Zman GrubZ range essentially is a soft plastic with a thin curl tail and that has a great wriggling action as it descends which is irresistible to a wide range of fish species. They look lifelike and are very […]

Spikebait maggots with a difference

Spikebait maggots with a difference Road testing a bait with a difference from a supplier with an ambitious vision in the aussie market Were testing bait which is something a little bit different the usual road testing of rods, reels, and lures. The team at Spikebait Australia were very keen […]

Insanity Tackle Mini Vibe Review

Insanity Tackle Mini Vibe Review The team at Insanity Tackle have been busy designing their latest lure labelled the Insanity Tackle ‘Mini Vibe’. Wayne Dubois AKA “Mr Freshwater” has sent FishingMad a full range of the Mini Vibe catalogue to road test. If your unaware Wayne is one of Australia’s […]

Zman – Swim SlimZ

Has there ever been a lure as simple yet as effective as the Zman Slim SwimZ. It’s a downsized swimbait that simply imitates a minnow with a brilliant paddle tail action. This 2.5 inch soft plastic does much of the work and produces great results without you adding much action. These […]

Native Watercraft Slayer fishing Kayak

I’ve owned a native watercraft slayer fishing kayak ( Slayer 10 propel ) now for several years. I have hit the water countless time with it so I’ve had plenty of time to assess this fishing vessel overall performance, stability and affordability. You can see Native Watercraft kayak videos here. […]

Berkley Big eye blades

At a great price point, these blades have a great action that allow you to target several species. But how do they compare to the more expensive blades on the market

Cranka Crab

This first crab to take the market by storm. A huge reputation as one of the best bream lures ever designed and proven success in the ABT does the crab offer value for money?

Strike pro hummer vibe

A beautiful looking vibe, and in many respects a very undervalued product. In the right conditions this is a great choice.

FG Wizz Knot Tool

A tool designed by Ray Fewell to provide anglers hands free ability to tie the thin and strong FG knot. A very useful product that will greatly assist when tying leaders to main line