Welcome to the Aqua-X Fishing Scent review by FishingMad. Soft plastics fishing is without a doubt my favourite form of fishing. Being armed with 1 rod, 1 reel a packet of soft plastics and jig heads. Then working an artificial bait in open waters or along the banks and catching fish is really satisfying.

I’m fascinated by the range of spinning gear. Rods, Reels, Lines and Leaders which can make a massive difference. However, you can take soft plastics fishing to next level by adding scents. These scents have fish-attracting smells which can increase catch rates and help bring on bites during those slower days. Historically I’ve used products like S-Factor and ProCure or I have used soft plastics which come pre-scented such as the Berkley Gulp and Daiwa Bait Junkies each with their own sets of pros and cons.

What is Aqua-X Scent

A big project for FishingMad in 2022 was to test as many products as we can with an emphasis on locally made products and where possible environmentally friendly products. That’s when I stumbled upon Aqua-X and have had excellent results. There are a few things about the Aqua-X product range that stand out.

  • They are Locally made in Melbourne and handmade by local fishos
  • Only using Natural products with no pollutants or harm to local water systems.
  • Highly concentrated to emphasize the fish-attracting capability
  • Biodegradable
  • Long Lasting
  • Excellent Variety and range for different fishing applications.
  • UV colours

Now some of this may sound like marketing jargon to you but they are things I value greatly.

I am a huge advocate for the “leave it as you found it” mentality. In fishing, this is all about having a minimal environmental impact. I have worked with key fishing bodies and angling clubs around the state promoting environmentally friendly and sustainable fishing practices. Using a product that uses naturally sourced ingredients, is biodegradable and has no harsh products or chemicals aligns with my goals as a local angler and the love I have for our local species and systems.

Also supporting local businesses is becoming more and more important. In Australia, the big brands in fishing ( you know who they are ) typically manufacture many of their products overseas.

Fishing with Aqua-X scent

Now let’s get onto the fishing and practical side of the product. Aqua-X comes in 50 ml bottles which is a good size that allows me to fit multiple scents in my backpack or kayak easy access hatch. It’s easy to use and I don’t need to get scent on my fingers to apply it which is also great.

In fishing terms, I have had great success using the product. For me, there have been 2 standout scent choices. The pilchard scent when targeting snapper and flathead in Port Phillip Bay. Also, the bloodworm scent when chasing bream, bass and estuary perch in local estuaries like the Werribee, Yarra and Maribyrnong rivers.

Just apply a small amount onto the tail and reapply every 20 or so casts. I have had many productive sessions since using it. I can also recall a crazy session recently using the Aqua-X pilchard scent on a Munroes 2.75-inch paddle tail and caught 8 different species in one session including Snapper, Flathead, Whiting, Trevally, Tailor, Snook, Barracoota, & Mullet.

Aqua-X Pilchard scent helps account for local snapper and salmon

There is no awful odour which is great we almost expected with scents. In fact, it’s a common misconception that the more the scent smells the more effective it is. The logic here is that baits like pilchards don’t smell when they are fresh only once thawed out.

Also, the soft plastics that have been scented remain usable after your days fishing. Unlike some pre-scented soft plastics which become hard or shrivel and are challenging to remove of the jig head once dry.

Aqua-X wrap up

I’m on the water a lot and always happy to go the extra mile to bring the bite on. Using scents is not something you have to do, but something that just boosts your confidence levels to know you are doing everything that you can to increase your catch rates. To know that you left no stone unturned in pursuit of a productive day’s fishing.

The scents are available in 8 different flavours and UV including. Pilchard, Bloodworm, Crab, Mussel, Salmon, Sandworm, Squid and Tuna. The scent cost $17.95 per bottle. With so many different flavours it’s time to get creative and see what species we can bring on the bite.

Product Specs

  • Brand – Aqua-X
  • Manufactured – Locally in Melbourne
  • Scent Types – Pilchard, Bloodworm, Crab, Mussel, Salmon, Sandworm, Squid & Tuna
  • Cost – $17.95 per bottle
  • Website – https://aqua-x.com.au/