Welcome to the BerleyPro Kimmi Cart Review. I’ve been kayak fishing for many years and during that time the kayak wheel cart system hasn’t changed much at all. Existing products on the market do the job whilst having some flaws that have always left me and other kayak anglers wishing there was a better way.

Watch our detailed installation guide, test, and review of the Kimmi Cart in the video below.


I have used the Hobie Trax wheel system for many years and for the most part, they have done a good job. However, there have been some issues which have continually driven me crazy.

The wheels often get stuck in the scupper holes when launching. When this happens it requires someone else to hold the wheels down as I lift from the back or needing to tip the kayak on the side which delays your launch. However the biggest and most frustrating flaw is when you finish your kayak fishing session getting the yak on the wheels requires you to remove the rods, net, mirage drive system, and any loose items, then tip the kayak on its side and put the wheels in. This is even more challenging when doing so at places with concrete or rocky surfaces and at boat ramps, and can scratch your kayak easily. There are some wheel cart retrival kits that allow you to slide the wheels into place however in my experience, these have been very problematic.

I have also used some alternative brand products such as the Railblaza C-Tug, but found its plastic construction couldn’t properly withstand the weight of a Hobie Pro Angler 14, and the yak often slipped off the padding. The wilderness system cart was expensive and without a kickstand continually moved when loading the yak.

My Kimmi Cart Review and Experience

So I recently picked up a Berley pro Kimmi Cart. This is a new kayak cart system made locally in Melbourne. After testing so many different loaders I was quietly optimistic that it would address the issues above especially as I kayak fish often on my own. I started to assemble the Kimmi cart and was impressed with its very solid construction. The cart system has many configurations which can be adjusted to cater to different kayaks on the market. The Kimmi cart doesn’t come with wheels so you have to choose the right axel size that matches your wheels. I bought the frame which matches the Wheeleez 30cm balloon wheels which I was going to repurpose from my existing Hobie Trax cart. I really like these wheels which work great on soft or sandy surfaces.

The assembly was a bit complicated, once the Kimmi cart was built I spent significant time readjusting some areas to work properly with my Hobie Pro Angler 14. Because the Kimmi cart can be configured in so many different ways I had to spend some time adjusting the spacing between the arms/bunks to make it fit snug. I also needed to adjust the strap’s length and kickstand height position. It took some effort but once I got these things to match my kayak it worked great. I must point out that the support locally during this time was excellent, as my questions directly to the manufacturer were helpful and prompt.

I spent a few weeks out daily with the Kimmi cart testing it on different surfaces and different terrain. The nonslip pad bunks were fantastic to the point where I hardly tied up the straps at all as the yak didn’t slip when positioned correctly. I only tied on the straps when going over hilly terrain or areas that had step ups or downs. The Kimmi cart is so solid and it handles the weight of a fully rigged PA14 easily.

It’s so nice to easily load and unload the kayak when fishing on my own. The kickstand makes this process so much easier as well. No more tipping the kayak on its side or unloading all the items. No more scratches, and no more stuck poles in the scupper plugs. The main issues I faced with other cart systems have been addressed.

Now it’s not completely perfect and there are some issues of its own to be aware of. Getting the right height of the kickstand can be a tad challenging on different surfaces. Launching from a hard surface opposed to launching from sand can require the stand at different heights. Also loading your kayak from the trailer onto the Kimmi cart can be a tad challenging as there is no way to lock it into place. I found a workaround was to half unload the kayak off the trailer so it rests low then put the cart into place and tighten the straps. It does take some practice but after a while I had this sorted. BerleyPro Kimmi Cart Review pros and cons are listed below.


What we love about the Kimmi cart

  • Made locally in Melbourne
  • Very solid aluminum construction. Handles a fully rigged Hobie Pro Angler 14 with ease
  • Addresses major issues with the Hobie Trax wheel cart system
  • More solid than plastic competitor options
  • Can be adjusted to work with different kayak models and sizes
  • You can use different types of wheels
  • Nonslip bunks work great and in our tests, the yak didn’t even need to be secured with straps
  • Can fold up easily and be stored on the back of the yak whilst you fish.
  • Great local support


What you need to be aware of with the Kimmi Cart

  • Ensure you pick the frame/Axl size to match your wheels
  • Can be a complicated assembly. The instructions that come with the unit were poor however the BerleyPro resource website was helpful and the step-by-step vid above should also help
  • May require adjusting the straps, kickstand, and arm/bunk spacing in the initial stages to fit your kayak properly
  • It’s more expensive than some products on the market however those products are made from cheap plastic materials and not durable. You really do get what you pay for.
  • You need to align the wheel cart on the right angle when placing your yak on top. This may take some practice to get right.
  • Isn’t as easy to unload from a trailer


Overall it’s a great locally made product that resolves many issues I have struggled with for years. It’s better than competitor solutions but does require some adjusting to get it to work properly for you. It will also take some practice to properly align the cart system when loading it. For me, it’s been a great purchase but has taken time to fiddle with to get working properly.

Thanks for reading the BerleyPro Kimmi Cart Review. You can see more about the BerleyPro Kimmi cart from the BerleyPro website. You can follow FishingMad using this product and many others by following our weekly fishing videos here.