Welcome to the Hobie Outback Vs Pro Angler article which will explore the key differences between these popular fishing platforms. For many years I have gone back and forth between the Pro Anglers and Outbacks as there are clear differences in size, weight, features, performance and cost that make it a difficult choice for anglers when choosing a kayak.

Let’s drill down into those differences in detail to help you make an informed decision.


Hobie Outback Vs Pro Angler | Size and Weight differences

Apart from cost, the physical size and weight difference should be your biggest consideration when choosing between a Pro Angler and an Outback. Let’s look at that in more detail.


I have owned a PA14 for many years and one of the big downfalls is its weight. It generally requires a trailer to transport and dragging the PA14 from where you parked to your launch spot can be challenging at certain locations.

The Outback is 36% lighter than the PA14 and 23% lighter than the PA12. This makes it significantly easier to launch, and can easily be car-topped. The trade-off however is stability and space which we will dive into a little bit later.

  • Hobie Outback fitted hull weight – 38kg
  • Hobie Pro Angler 12 fitted hull weight – 48kg
  • Hobie Pro Angler 14 fitted hull weight – 55kg


Not a massive difference here between the lengths of these 3 kayaks. The Outback sits pretty much right between the PA12 and PA14.

  • Hobie Outback length – 12 foot 9 inches ( 12”9 )
  • Hobie Pro Angler 12 length – 12 foot
  • Hobie Pro Angler 14 length – 13 foot 8 inches ( 13”8 )


The stats below may not seem like much on the surface but width is actually a massive difference between the 3 models. The Pro Anglers have so much more space over the Outback which can feel quite cramped. It’s not just the physical width but also the mould and shape of the vessel as the outback has significantly less foot space than the Pro Anglers.

As the outback’s have the integrated H-Rail bar, storage system and rod holders within the cockpit of the yak it means you have significantly less space. The Pro Anglers maximise space by having the H-Rail on the outer edge of the kayak and this provides so much more body and leg space.

  • Hobie Outback length – .86 meter
  • Hobie Pro Angler 12 length – .91 meter
  • Hobie Pro Angler 14 length – .97 meter

Outback Vs Pro Angler | Stability and Performance

The Pro Angler and the Outback kayaks are very stable fishing platforms. However, the Pro Anglers are without doubt more stable than the Outback. You could argue that the PA14 is the most stable fishing kayak on the market today. This has a lot to do with its hull design, raised chair height and width. Stand-up fishing is a breeze on a PA14 or a PA12. You can stand also and fish on an outback but not as comfortable especially when fishing in the bay.

The Outback’s however are more nimble on the water. They are a tad faster and the steering is far more responsive. They cruise through the water and turn effortlessly. The drawback of the Pro Angler has always been its weight and performance on the water which can be quite sluggish. This has become somewhat easier with 360 mirage drive models but the Outback’s are certainly more nimble on the water. Both kayaks have dual rudder control which is amazing and means you can steer from either hand. The difference between the 2 models is that the Outback’s steering is flush on the hull whilst the Pro Anglers are raised on the integrated H-Rail which makes steering a bit more comfortable.

On the water, the Outbacks sit much lower to the water and because of this, it can be a wet ride. When fishing if there is any swell or waves then water can easily come over the front of the yak. Water will self-drain out without the need for scupper plugs which is a big advantage over other brands of kayaks. The chair on the outback was raised in previous models so you no longer get a wet bum but it’s not elevated as much as the Pro Anglers. The chair being raised higher gives you more balance and an advantage when fishing, being able to see more and sight cast structure or fish more effectively whilst having more seating space.

This is where the choice can become so complicated. The Outback’s are so versatile, they can be used in just about any scenario fishing in lakes, estuaries and also the bay and offshore in the right conditions. They provide a great balance of lightweight and stability. The Pro Anglers can also be used in any situation but they are heavy and more cumbersome but provide extra storage and stability. As you can see there is no right answer here and the choice will come down more to your personal needs, fishing style and budget. So, let’s dive into the cost.


Hobie Pro Angler Vs Outback | Cost Difference

The harsh reality is that many make their buying choices purely on cost. There are some cost differences between the Outback and Pro Anglers and remember there will also be more considerations to ongoing costs such as trailers, accessories, sounders, and more.

The cost difference between the PA14 and PA12 has narrowed in recent years and the cost between the PA and the Outback’s has also narrowed. The Outback’s are arguably the most popular and highest sold kayaks in the world so they can command a steep buy price.

Many may look to 2nd hand options on platforms like Facebook Marketplace, gumtree or eBay to try and source a bargain. But never underestimate the value of buying brand new and having any support and warranty aided by your local hobie dealer or reseller.

  • Hobie Outback Cost – starting from $5,390 ( more for camo colours )
  • Hobie Pro Angler 12 Cost – starting from $6,190 ( more for 360 models & camo colours )
  • Hobie Pro Angler 14 Cost – starting from $6,490 ( more for 360 models & camo colours )


Outback Vs Pro Angler | Transport and Portability 

One major difference between the Outback and the Pro Angler 14 is transporting the kayak. The Hobie Outback can easily be car topped on just about any vehicle that has roof racks. I have done this for many years aided by Rhino Rack Side Loaders or even slide-on Back Loaders. Pro Anglers can also be car topped but it is a lot heavier and more cumbersome task, in most cases if you buy a Pro Angler 14 then you will want a trailer to transport it. This provides great convenience of being able to transport and launch easily but more initial expense and ongoing registration, insurance and servicing.


Hobie Pro Angler Vs Outback | Storage 

The PA14 is jam packed with so much storage. It has a large front hatch, a quick access rectangular hatch and in most cases a large Eski or H-Crate stored at the back. It makes it so easy to bring a handful of rods, a heap of tackle and ample room for clothes and food.

The Outback doesn’t have as much storage but has a very clever hull design that incorporates an Integrated H-Rail with storage for tackle trays, a vertical quick access hatch for all your quick need items like soft plastics, jig heads and can also host a chair bag and H-Crate.

Without a doubt, the Pro Anglers provide more storage, but the Outback’s use clever designs to pack in a lot.


Accessories and Features | Outback Vs Pro Angler

On both model kayaks you really limited by your imagination and budget. You can fit a wide variety of accessories on both the Pro Anglers and Outback’s. However, the PA14 and PA12 have a full H-Rail bar on each side of the kayak. This means you can mount a larger volume of accessories from rod holders, Sounders, cup holders and so much more.

Both Kayaks are power pole ready, sail kit ready and both can have a trolling motor fitted. They can both take a live well however the Pas are able to take the XL size live well whilst the Outbacks can only take the smaller sizes.

For rod storage, the Outback is limited to the 2 moulded rod holders at the back or front or utilising an H-Crate which is my preferred option. However, it does not have any laydown horizontal rod storage like the Pro Anglers do. Some love horizontal rod storage as it means they never get in the way when you are casting and you will never break your rods should you forget your horizontal ones when going under a bridge or trees. ( I have done this on several occasions ).


Conclusion Hobie Pro Angler vs Hobie Outback

There is no right or wrong answer here. The choice will simply come down to your individual needs based on where you fish, how you fish, your budget, transportation, portability, features and comfort.

Size and portability will likely be the biggest factors. The Outback’s provides a brilliant balance of size, stability and performance whilst the Pro Anglers offer unparalleled stability and storage. They both have their pros and cons and the decision will be determined by your budget and individual needs. Rest assured they are excellent fishing platforms, well built with years of quality and innovation that will provide years of fun on the water.


Thanks for reading The Hobie Outback Vs Pro Angler if you have any suggestions don’t hesitate to let us know at enquiries@fishingmad.com.au we hope this article helps you with your bream fishing. Feel free to visit the FishingMad YouTube channel which has countess videos of us catching bream with these lures. Or the FishingMad how to fishing guides for more help.