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Welcome to Fishing Mad “how to” fishing articles section. Carefully written articles that provide helpful, informative and instructional fishing, boating and safety guides. If you would like to a new how to article on fishing, boating safety or other. Then let us know by emailing us at We will gladly look into this for you.

Hobie Outback Vs Pro Angler ( what are the real differences )

Welcome to the Hobie Outback Vs Pro Angler article which will explore the key differences between these popular fishing platforms. For many years I have gone back and forth between the Pro Anglers and Outbacks as there are clear differences in size, weight, features, performance and cost that make it […]

The Truth about Fishing with Straight through Fluorocarbon

Welcome to the FishingMad article The Truth about Fishing with Straight through Fluorocarbon – Pros and Cons. It’s important to identify the strengths and weaknesses of emerging fishing tackle and techniques. The use of straight through fluorocarbon is one such fishing technique that fits into this category well. Why because there […]

How to catch whiting on soft plastics

Welcome to How to catch whiting on soft plastics. Most anglers still target King George Whiting with bait. It may surprise you, but they also love soft plastics. It’s a great way to target King George Whiting, it’s fun and requires less gear and less preparation. For a small slender fish […]

Improve your soft plastics fishing with these 10 Tips

Thanks for visiting Improve your soft plastics fishing with these 10 Tips by FishingMad. Without a doubt, soft plastics fishing is my favourite style of fishing. Armed with 1 rod, 1 reel, some jig heads and a few packets of soft plastics and I’m ready to tangle with a whole […]

how to clean your fishing reel – Spin reel maintenance

Welcome to how to clean your fishing reel. Saltwater, sand and dirt are the arch-enemy of your valuable spin reel. These materials and corrosion can take away the feeling of that once smooth spin reel. This article will walk you through a step by step guide on basic maintenance you […]

Buying a used fishing kayak – What you need to know

Welcome to Buying a used fishing kayak. With rising costs and global inflation, it may just be the best time ever to buy a used kayak instead of a new one. Or perhaps you are new to kayak fishing and just can’t justify spending so much for a new shiny […]

How to catch Garfish around Melbourne

Welcome to How to catch Garfish around Melbourne. Winter is a prime time to catch Garfish.  It’s often the time of year when other bread and butter species have gone a little quiet due to the drop in water temperature. However, that’s when these popular mini marlins come into their […]

DIY Fishing Rig Setup

Welcome to the DIY Fishing Rig Setup, which includes a collection of fishing rigs for specific species which you can make yourself following our step by step video tutorial guides. These include common rigs such as paternoster rigs, running sinker rigs, snelled rigs, sliding snelled rigs and specific rigs made […]

soft plastic fishing techniques

Welcome to the soft plastic fishing techniques article by FishingMad. Fishing with soft plastics is an amazing way to target fish. Moving around on the hunt for fish as opposed to sitting and waiting for the bite is a thrill. Feeling the fish strike as you work the soft plastic […]

land based fishing for beginners

Welcome to land based fishing for beginners. This article is perfect for those who are new to fishing or those looking for a few tips to catch more fish. Alan has fished extensively land-based fished all around Melbourne and this article will walk you through simple key repetitive techniques to […]

How to catch whiting

Welcome to our detailed fishing guide on How to catch whiting. Whiting known locally as Tings or KG’s are long, slender, and slimy fish with small mouths. These top table fish with fun fighting qualities make them one of the most popular fish species targeted in Victoria. They come in […]

Lifejacket Safety Rules Victoria

Welcome to the Lifejacket Safety Rules Victoria article by FishingMad. Lifejackets are an essential safety item that one day might save your life. There are different rules and categories of lifejackets which can be quite confusing. The purpose of this article is to walk you through the different types of […]

Be SunSmart fishing this summer

How to be SunSmart this summer when fishing by Fishing Mad. Fishing generally means many hours under the sun exposed to harmful UV exposure. Isolated cases have you prone to sunburn and dehydration but the long-term effects over time can be significant such as melanoma or skin cancer. This article […]

boat ramp live cameras

Welcome to the boat ramp live cameras a convenient way to check live web cameras from boat ramps around Melbourne & Victoria. Covering major boat ramps from Port Phillip Bay, Western Port and much more. Scroll down below to pick the location and watch live feeds. BECOME A FISHINGMAD MEMBER […]

Fishing Kayak Buyers Guide 2024

Welcome to the ultimate Fishing Kayak Buyers Guide 2024. Kayak fishing is booming and consumers are spoiled for choice when it comes to buying a fishing kayak. With so many brands and types of fishing kayaks to cover a whole range of budgets. Starting with entry-level traditional paddle kayaks with […]

Best Flathead Soft Plastics and Lures in 2024

Welcome to the Best Flathead Soft Plastics and Lures in 2024. Targeting flathead with soft plastics and lures is a fun a popular form of fishing. The options available at your tackle store are just about endless. Let’s start by stating the obvious flathead are not fussy. These camouflage ambush […]

Fish Finder Review 2024 – Which sounder should I buy

Fish Finder Review 2024 – Which sounder should I buy for my Kayak, tinnie or boat? With kayak fishing and boating booming, this has become a very common question. However, this question is generally answered by your available budget, fishing style and features required. This guide will walk you through […]

Fishing Knots Guide | Learn How to Tie essesntial Fishing Knots

Fishing Knots Guide. Tieing fishing knots is an essential skill that all anglers will need to learn. In this article, we will walk you through the most commonly used fishing knots. Providing an explanation of which knots to use and when. Then providing a video step by step tutorial. Understanding […]

Best trolling lures in Port Phillip Bay

Welcome to the Best trolling lures in Port Phillip Bay guide. I love fishing, and the endless bound of possibilities it presents. This might be trying a new location, targeting a new species or trying a new lure of techniques. I really enjoy the experimental side of fishing pushing you […]

Tips to catch Trout | The best lures, baits & techniques

Please enjoy this article on Tips to catch trout. Trout are a popular freshwater fish species, they have beautiful colours and can grow to impressive sizes. They are powerful fish and fun to target with light spinning gear or fly fishing. Trout are great for catch and release fishing and […]

Buying a Boat Guide | Tips for new boat owners

Welcome to Buying a Boat Guide. I thought about buying a boat for many years before eventually taking the plunge. I was an experienced fisherman but worried about the investment and learning curve of having a boat. As I reflect a few years on I’m really glad that I did. […]

Best spots to launch a kayak around Melbounre

Kayak launch spots Melbourne. You first get into kayak fishing and you’re filled with excitement. You have the gear and you are ready to go. Then comes the big question, where can I launch my kayak. With those questions come even more questions like. Is there adequate parking?. Can you […]

How to catch snapper | Snapper Fishing Tips

Welcome to the How to catch snapper detailed breakdown from FishingMad. Snapper is an iconic fish species around Melbourne and Port Phillip Bay & Western Port prime locations to catch a big red. The unpredictable nature of snapper fishing has local boat ramps jam-packed during peak season. Like all forms […]

The best lures and soft plastics to catch Bream 2024

The best lures and soft plastics to catch Bream 2024. Bream Fishing with Lures has become one of the most popular forms of fishing in recent years. This trend has seen an explosion of products released onto the fishing market. With masses of ultra-light spin rods, reels and thin lines. […]

How to Prevent Seasickness when Fishing

How to Prevent Seasickness when Fishing. Do you suffer from sea or motion sickness? I know this feeling very well, I am a keen fisherman who has suffered from seasickness for many years. It has become somewhat of a comical joke amongst friends who find it quite amusing. Does this […]

kayak fishing safety

Welcome to kayak fishing safety. Kayak fishing is an amazing recreational activity rapidly growing in popularity. There are however dangerous elements to kayak fishing that you need to be prepared for. If you have recently purchased a fishing kayak or thinking of buying one take some time to consider the […]

how to catch bream on bait | Bream Fishing Tip

Welcome to the how to catch bream on bait guide. Bream are an iconic species of Australia that can be targeted all year round. Moving around seasonally seeking deeper water during the colder months and residing in the shallows along the banks and edges in the warmer months. Bream loves […]

Fishing with Kids The ultimate guide

Welcome to the ultimate fishing with kids guide. As a father of two kids with special needs, I understand that preparation and patience are essential when fishing with children. Kids have short attention spans and this is only amplified when fishing. If you don’t catch fish quickly then you’re likely […]

How to catch flathead with lures, soft plastics and bait

How to catch flathead. Locally flathead is an iconic bread and butter fish species found in many of our bays, rivers, and estuaries. Flathead will eagerly take a whole range of baits, lures, and soft plastics and that’s what makes them such a fun species to target. There are also […]

Guide to carp fishing in Melbourne

Welcome to the Master carp fishing Melbourne. Carp are a noxious pest, an introduced species that breed like crazy destroying our native fish. Causing environmental damage to our river systems and natural fauna. But you know what? despite all of the negatives, I love targeting and catching carp or AKA […]

The best lures and soft plastics to catch Redfin

Welcome to the guide on the best lures and soft plastics to catch Redfin. Redfin or English Perch is an iconic bread and butter species brilliant to target with lures and soft plastics. Reddies are predatory fish with wide mouths that school up in big numbers. They taste great and […]

How to Catch Kingfish around Melbourne & Victoria

Welcome to How to Catch Kingfish around Melbourne & Victoria. Catching big Kingfish is the stuff that local anglers dream about. The fishing for Yellowtail King Fish around Melbourne and Victoria has continued to get better and better in recent years. I’m not quite sure why, but it’s welcome news […]

Surf fishing in Victoria for salmon

Surf fishing in Victoria for salmon. Winter is the best time of the year to hit the surf beaches in search of salmon around Victoria. Salmon is an iconic bread-and-butter fishing species that school up in big numbers. When that school comes within casting distance the action is frantic and […]

How to catch Squid around Melbourne

Welcome to the How to catch Squid around Melbourne guide. What’s not to love about targeting squid around Melbourne or Victoria. It’s a fun form of fishing that’s rapidly growing in popularity. Squid can be caught all year round and fresh calamari is so good to eat. There are key […]