Fishing Knots Guide. Tieing fishing knots is an essential skill that all anglers will need to learn. In this article, we will walk you through the most commonly used fishing knots. Providing an explanation to which knots to use and when. Then providing a video step by step tutorial. Understanding how to tie these knots and knowing when to use what knot can make all the difference when fishing. Some of the knots detailed below include the FG knot and Uni knot.

FG Knot tutorial using a Daiichi knot assist 2.0

The FG knot is generally considered the thinnest and strongest of the fishing knots. However its also the most challenging to learn. The FG knot is the ultimate way to tie fluorocarbon leaders to braid. Because the knot is so thin and streamlines its a great knot to use with fishing rods that have small or thin guides. Watch our detailed video step by step guide on the FG knot below.

Uni Knot tutorial fishing guide

The uni knot is the simplest knot to learn and very quick to tie. It’s a great knot for tieing hooks to leaders or line, swivels to line or leader or jig heads to leaders and line. In fact, is often to go to knot for most of the applications mentioned. Watch our detailed video step by step guide on the uni knot below.

The Double Uni Knot fishing tutorial

The uni knot is the quickest and easiest knot to tie braid to monofilament leader. It can also be used to tie braid to mono or braid to braid. It’s easy to learn and quick to do whilst still being strong. proving a knot of equal diameter on both lines joined. Watch our detailed video step by step guide on the double uni knot below.

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Final notes from the author

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