Welcome to the Tonic Polarised Fishing Sunglasses Review. I recently did my routine eye checkup at my optimist and needed to update the script of my normal prescription based glasses. What can I say it’s a part of aging and spending a lot of time outdoors fishing and in front of screens. Usually, I get my sunglasses refreshed at the same time getting my optometrist to make them as well. However, I’ve never been a massive fan of this because the sunglasses options are usually not very stylish, the lenses are quite thick and in my experience, the polarise technology is average at best, especially for fishing and durability.

I thought this was the perfect opportunity to get a proper pair of fishing polarised sunglasses. I spend countless hours on the water and in front of the camera so I wanted something comfortable, thin, lightweight, stylish and to incorporate polarising technology to keep my eyes relaxed on long days and to help me with my fishing to identify reefs structure, currents and even sight cast fish. So, I started researching fishing sunglasses and making calls to my fishing mates and local brands.

Check out this video of us road-testing Tonic Eyewear Polarised sunglasses for fishing


I reached out to the team at Tonic Eyewear and really glad that I did as the process was so simple. I went to their website, filled out a form which asked for my basic contact details and shortly after submitting I was contacted by the staff at Tonic Eyewear. They were friendly and walked me through the process which was requesting a copy of my latest prescription and my preferred frame style and finishes. There were 16 frame styles to choose from I chose the Mo style frames which are a modern stylish look with glass copper photochromic lenses which were highly recommended for fishing ( there were 5 finishes to choose Glass Copper Photochromic, Glass Grey Photochromic, Glass Silver Mirror, Glass Blue Mirror, Glass Green Mirror ) and that was it. A week later my new polarised prescription glasses arrived in the mail.

These are the style I chose Mo frames with glass Copper photochromic lenses

First opportunity I took them out on a trip at Lake Tyers as we were fishing and filming there for 3 nights. I wore them for the drive and every second spent on the water. I was really pleased with how stylish they looked, how thin the lenses were, how lightweight they felt to wear and the clarity was amazing. I fished in both sunny and overcast conditions and the copper photochromic lenses were amazing adjusting on the fly. The colour and saturation were sharp and vibrant.

I was able to see through the top level of water and identify structures, drop-offs, reefs and even sight cast at fish which was amazing. The lenses are made out of glass and I was quickly impressed with the overall build quality. The team at Tonic showed me some durability tests that they do on their lenses which was reassuring to know I will get many years with these sunglasses. Especially when you do make an investment in something like polarised glasses you want to get good bang for your buck whilst looking stylish, see through the water to identify good fishing zones and most importantly staying sun smart and protecting your eyes from Harmful UV Rays and glare especially if you are like me and have big days out on the water.

What I liked

  • Simple process
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Friendly staff ( that I worked with )
  • Amazing clarity
  • Good range of stylish frames
  • Photochromic lenses were so good for fishing and general outdoor use
  • Thin lenses 1.7mm which is the thinnest on the market
  • Amazing for people like me who are so reliant on prescription glasses
  • Came with a protective case


If you don’t need prescription-based sunglasses then you can buy the range of Tonic sunglasses directly from your local tackle store or you can contact them directly. Thanks for reading the Tonic Polarised Fishing Sunglasses Review. You can follow FishingMad using this product and many others by following our weekly fishing videos here.