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FishingMad has produced an extensive volume of helpful and entertaining fishing videos around Melbourne & Victoria. You can see the full library on the FishingMad YouTube channel and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel whilst you are there.

Fishing Videos from Melbourne and Victoria


Insane Land Based Fishing at this Iconic Pier

Fishing for GIANT bluefin Tuna

The flathead soft plastic weapon

Gippsland Lakes the gateway to great fishing

This erupted outta noweher

Insane whiting fishing near new boat ramp

Is this the best fishing location in Victoria

The best native fishing near Melbourne

Double your catch rates with this soft plastics hack

Soft Plastics Fishing Challenge

$65 budget fishing challenge

Urban fishing around Melbourne


Soft Plastics Fishing for Beginners

How to catch whiting

Are you struggling with soft plastics??

Squid Fishing for Beginners

How to catch whiting with soft plastics

Amazing land based fishing with this soft plastic