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Alan Bonnici is a key video blogger within the fishing industry around Melbourne and Victoria. FishingMad has produced an extensive volume of local fishing videos. You can see our full library of videos directly from the FishingMad YouTube channel

Fishing Videos from Melbourne and Victoria

Stonker Trout Fishing 2023

Lake Fyans special

Amazing land based fishing with soft plastics

Breaking in a Hobie Lynx

Ultimate East Gippsland Kayak fishing challenge

Where the River meets the Sea

Stonker Trout Fishing 2022

Awesome Land Based Fishing

Catch Whiting with bargain soft plastics

Amazing Estuary Fishing

Kayak Fishing for KingFish

Kayak fishing tips for bread and butter species

Flathead fishing with soft plastics for beginners

Chasing giants in shallow waters

Landbased fishing for beginners