Alan Bonnici is a key video blogger within the fishing industry around Melbourne and Victoria. FishingMad has produced an extensive volume of local fishing videos. You can see our full library of videos directly from the FishingMad YouTube channel

Fishing Videos from Melbourne and Victoria

Helpful videos that are relatable to the average angler. Check out our how-to videos such as how to catch flathead on bait and lures or how to catch and cook species of certain fish. These videos cover a wide range of fishing methods. Including Kayak, boating, land base such as jetties, piers and rock walls and even taking it a further step such as Jet Ski, inflatable pool tubes.

Amazing Estuary Fishing

Kayak Fishing for KingFish

Kayak fishing tips for bread and butter species

How to catch big Redfin with bait

Awesome Landbased Fishing

Western Port Whiting

Winter Snapper and Gummy Chaos

Trolling for Redfin Madness

Stradic SW Vs Saragosa SW

Flathead fishing with soft plastics for beginners

Chasing giants in shallow waters

Landbased fishing for beginners

King George whiting fishing tips turns frantic

Giant squid of western port

Western port elephant fish and sharks

Bream on surface lures

Marlo estuary perch fishing

Lake Tyers beast destroyed my new reel

The best bream lures and plastics of 2021

The fishing is on fire

Bemm River bream paradise

Australia day kayak fishing for calamari lunch

Back to school bustups

Back on the Barwon

Squid fishing tips for beginners from a kayak

Holiday season fishing time

Drifting for flathead with soft plastics

Whiting and Squid fishing at Port Phillip Bay

Midweek flathead and whiting

Kayak fishing the Werribee River

SeaDoo Fish Pro 2021 review

Barwon River Fishing

Whiting and Squid Bonanza