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The best lures and soft plastics for catching Bream

Lure fishing for bream has become one of the most popular forms of fishing in recent years. Following this trend has seen an explosion of products released on our market. Masses of ultra-light spin rods, small reels and thin line. But that’s only minuscule compared with how many variations of […]

Beat seasickness when boating and fishing

You have clicked on this article so perhaps you too suffer from sea or motion sickness. I know this feeling better then most, I am a keen fisherman who has suffered from seasickness for many years. I have somewhat become a comical joke amongst mates who find it quite amusing. […]

kayak fishing tips for beginners

Kayak fishing is one of my true passions, it’s an amazing sport which is rapidly growing in popularity. There is however some dangerous elements to kayak fishing, If you have recently purchased a fishing kayak, or thinking of taking up this sport take please take some time to consider these […]

The Greatest Places For Fishing In The World

The Greatest Places For Fishing In The World – Fishing is more than just catching fish to have food on our plates. It’s also a bonding activity for friends and family. Imagine going on a trip to the lake or sea, sitting on your boat hoping something will bite. The […]

Bream fishing the Maribyrnong and Yarra River with bait

The Maribyrnong and Yarra River are intriguing fishing destinations along Melbourne’s doorstep. These river systems are not much to look often quite crowded, discoloured water and full of litter. However, their true beauty is hidden in the abundance of healthy bream in which they hold. I have fished both these […]

Fishing with kids the essential guide

As a father of two kids with special needs, I understand that preparation and patience are essential when fishing with children. Kids have short attention spans and this is only amplified when fishing. If you don’t catch fish quickly then you’re likely to be bombarded with complaints of boredom. Therefore […]

How to catch flathead with bait and lures

How to catch flathead with bait and lures When targeting a fish species, you need to think about what characteristics they have. For the most part flathead are ambush predators with eyes on the top of their heads. They are camouflage and will often sit on the bottom waiting for [...]

Master carp fishing

Carp are a noxious pest, an introduced species that breed like crazy destroying our native fish. Causing environmental damage to our river systems and natural fauna. But you know what? despite all of the negatives, I love targeting and catching carp or AKA mud marlins. Carp is a large freshwater […]



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