Fishing locations Albert Park Lake, is a truly underrated urban fishing location only kilometres away from the Melbourne CBD. Spanning almost 5 kilometres alongside the famous grand prix track and golf course its a popular spot with locals walking their dog, jogging, cycling, feeding the surrounding birdlife and kayaking. The lake itself is quite shallow only 1 to 2 meters deep in most areas with occasional deeper holes. The lake is quite weedy which present some challenges when fishing with lures. On sunny days a decent pair of polarised sunglasses help identify clear patches to cast lure and plastics into. It has been heavily stocked with golden perch, estuary perch and rainbow trout for many years. Overall it’s a challenging fishing destination that greatly rewards those who put in the time and effort. With trophy size golden perch, surface hitting EP’s and monster size Carp its a great urban fishing destination. A touch of local knowledge is essential here with weed and shallow water making it a tough location to master.



estuary perch, golden perch, rainbow trout, mirror carp & European carp. Stocked trout yearlings are released into the lake most school holidays.


Surface lures are a great choice when targeting estuary perch. This may include small poppers and pencil lures slowly retrieved with subtle twitching and pausing. Lightly weighted grub and minnow style soft plastics do well here on yellas ( golden Perch ), estuary perch, carp and trout. Lip less Crank-baits and Blades are a great choice here which will grab the attention of perch and carp. As the lake is shallow and quite weedy shallow/mid diving hard-body lures are a great all round choice. This will allow you to target multiple species. Shallow diving lures may include ecogear SX40 or Atomic Crank. When bait fishing the humble scrub worm with as little weight possible is best, and Corn kernels will always grab the attention of stocked trout and big carp.


If your fishing with lures then I would recommend a light or medium spinning outfit. Your likely to come across weed, snags and the odd large carp as a by catch. A 2-4 kilo rod coupled with a small size reel such as a 2500 size with 8 pound line is a great choice. If your bait fishing for big carp then you will want to have a medium 4 – 6 kilo bait rod spooled with heavier line.


Albert Park lake can fish well all year round. The Perch are more likely to bite in warmer months in the evenings. Whilst Trout in Colder month and the Carp all year round. Your always likely to get more bites on sunrise and sundown but with some effort on any given day or time it can produce quality fish.


This is a great location to bring the family for outdoors activities and fishing. The area is usually buzzing with people cycling, walking there dogs or jogging. There is a wonderful large wooden adventure playground for the kids. There are also sporting grounds, large areas to play ball sports, people rowing. Many suitable areas for a picnic along the lake, flying a kite or feeding the resident ducks and swans. There is paid parking available just keep an eye on the restriction times.


Bats are very apparent on sundown and evenings, but they pose no danger and are fun to watch. The biggest annoyances when fishing will likely be large build up of weed and snags in this shallow lake. We ask all anglers to be mindful of the bird life. We have on several occasions removed fishing line of swans. So ensure you dispose of line and hooks properly. Also make sure mindful of rowers and many activities going on in this vibrant area. I have removed fishing line and hooks from swans so again please help the natural wildlife where possible.


FishingMad encourage ‘catch & release’ of all native species to help maintain the water quality within the lake however European Carp must not be returned. Always carry your Victorian fishing license, Vehicle access only in approved areas

Albert Park Golden Perch

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