Fishing locations Altona Pier is a popular spot located along Millers road which was recently featured as a hot spot for rare Pokemon that saw thousands of people gather on the pier with their smart phones and tablets to collect these rare characters. However, Altona pier can be a quality fishing location particularly with its recent addition of a artificial reef located about 50 meters after the end of the pier. Its also closely located to natural reef and rocks which produce good numbers of large snapper in the warmer months. Often anglers will head towards the end of the pier and cast out as far as they can to get their baits around the artificial reef. Its a spot popular with Kayakers that fish just beyond the end of the pier drifting for flathead and snapper.



snapper, flathead, salmon, trevally, mullet, squid, garfish & leather Jackets


pilchard, Pipi, Raw Chicken, Squid


At Altona your most likely to be catching Pinkies and Flathead so you don’t want to fish to heavy but need to be prepared for the the odd large snapper. If your bait fishing from the pier then a medium to light 8 or 9 foot rod. Ideally casting directly from the end of the pier out as far as you can towards the artificial reefs. Otherwise if you don’t need to cast out far then a simple 2-4 or 3-5 kilo rod will be sufficient. Often I will user a running sinker rig to a swivel and 50cm of strong leader finished with a Pilchard tail or small squid head. If you chasing pinkies then a paternoster rig with pilchard, pipi or raw chicken should fish well


This spot usually fishes well on the tide change often seeing Pinkies caught on the incoming high tide and flathead caught on the outgoing low tide. But the surrounding areas tend to fish well on dawn and dusk. Many anglers have reported having more success on large Snapper during windy conditions.


The kids will need to be closely supervised when fishing on the pier. There is a decent drop and the pier can be slippery with anglers often casting quite close to each other. However this is a great place for the family if you intend to also enjoy the beach. Parking during peak of summer can be quite tricky as its a popular area so if your fishing try and get in early.


Often there are rows of anglers so the biggest danger will be avoiding line tangles or walking behind someone who is casting, so be weary of those around you. Also your likely to catch toad fish, stingrays and banjo sharks which are a pest, just make sure you handle them with care ad put them back into the water safely.