Fishing guide for Altona Pier is a popular fishing location located along Millers road roughly 25 minutes drive from Melbourne. Altona pier can be a quality fishing location particularly with its recent addition of an artificial reef located roughly 50 meters beyond the end of the pier. It’s also closely located to natural reef and rocks which produce good numbers of large snapper in the warmer months. Often anglers will head towards the end of the pier and cast out as far as they can to get their baits around the artificial reef. This location is popular with Kayakers who fish beyond the end of the pier drifting for flathead and snapper.

Check out this video we recently recorded at Altona beach. We kayak fish next to the pier and run into a massive school of salmon.

Things to do at Altona Beach

Altona Beach is a great spot for the whole family. There are nearby adventure playground, cafes, restaurants and ice cream shops. The beach is a vibrant place that’s very popular in summer. Many go there to swim, wakeboard, sunbake, kayak and fish. Many families enjoy ice cream on the sand. Parking is limited and during the peak of summer, this can be quite challenging. You will need to venture in early to avoid the crowds.

In 2017 the pier had thousands of people gather on it to collect rare Pokémon characters playing Pokemon Go on their smartphones.

Fishing at Altona Pier

At Altona pier, you can seasonally target snapper, flathead, salmon, trevally, mullet, squid, garfish & leather jackets. Click here to see our step by step guide on how to catch flathead with bait and lures. When bait fishing at Altona Pier we would recommend using pilchards, pipis, raw chicken, blue bait and squid. Soft plastics work great in this area we recommend small curl tail and minnow imitations. Either cast out and retrieved slowly with some lifts and pauses or hard up against the structure of the pier. You’re likely to catch flathead and bream and seasonally pinkies and salmon.

At Altona, you’re likely to be catching pinkies and flathead so you don’t need to fish too heavy but should be prepared for the odd large snapper. If your bait fishing from the pier then a light to medium rod between 7 foot and 9 foot is ideal. Casting directly from the end of the pier out towards the artificial reefs. We find that a 2-4 or 3-5 kilo rod will be enough. A good overall rig to use is a running sinker rig to a swivel and 50cm of strong leader finished with a pilchard tail or squid tentacles. Or a paternoster rig with pilchard, pipi or raw chicken will fish well in the immediate area.

This spot usually fishes well on the tide change often seeing pinkies caught on the incoming high tide and flathead caught on the outgoing low tide. But the surrounding areas tend to fish well on dawn and dusk. Many anglers have reported having more success on large snapper during windy conditions. Remember that certain fish are seasonal. Snapper is active in the warmer months and Salmon active in the colder months.

Check out this video we recently recorded at Altona beach. 1-hour flathead challenge during Anzac day which didn’t disappoint

Known hazards

Children will need to be closely supervised when fishing on the pier. The pier can be quite slippery and there is a decent drop of the edges. There are also anglers casting quite close to each other, so they will need to watch flying hooks.

Often there are rows of anglers so the biggest danger will be avoiding line tangles or walking behind someone who is casting, so be weary of those around you. Also, you’re likely to catch toadfish, stingrays and banjo sharks which are a pest, just make sure you handle them with care and put them back into the water safely.

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