Welcome to the Werribee River Fishing Guide. The Werribee River stretches for over 110 kilometres. Starting as a narrow entrance from Port Philip Bay near Werribee south boat ramp, past farmlands, and goes through Werribee and all the way past Bacchus Marsh and Ballan. Depending on where you visit it can be great saltwater, estuary and freshwater location to fish. It’s most popular for fishing is around the K road entrance not far from the Werribee golf course where anglers will target bream, estuary perch and prized mulloway.

Things to do along the Werribee River

The Werribee River spans 110 kilometres but throughout provides nice scenic views. It’s a great spot to take a kayak or canoe, and certain areas are great for walking and hiking. But do be very careful this is well known for Tiger and Brown snakes. Parking is widely available a popular spot to park is above the K road cliffs and walking down the stairs to the river. Near the entrance of the river mouth, there are several local attractions including the Werribee Open Safari Zoo, The historic Werribee mansions and state rose garden which is brilliant towards the end of spring. There is also the national equestrian centre and golf course. The river then flows into Port Phillip Bay which is great for boating and fishing. 

Fishing the Werribee River

Werribee River Fishing Guide highlights that you can target bream, estuary perch, mulloway, salmon, mullet, trevally, flathead and flounder. As you move further up into freshwater areas you can target redfin, brown trout, perch and blackfish. High tide is always preferable for me, The rising tide brings fish in to feed on the structure. Sunrise and sundown are always favourable.  

If you plan on fishing with baits then the humble scrub worm to be a very effective bait for saltwater and freshwater species in particular bream, redfin or perch in this area. The water can be muddy and murky and a bait that has similar colour fishes well. Other baits that also work well include sandworms, pilchard strips, prawns, mussels, yabbies, raw chicken strips and maggots. Have a read of our detailed guide on how to catch bream with bait.

Fish can be caught any time of day, the mullet often get a little more aggressive on sunrise and sundown. We highly recommend using an ultralight spin rod. Starting with a 1–3 or 2-4 kilo capacity rod coupled with a 1000, 2000 or 2500 size reel. The reel should be spooled with light line 4 to 6 pound braid finished with a rod length of 4 pound leader would be our preference. This would make a great and sensitive outfit to feel the bites and inquiries of timid bream and mullet.

Soft plastics, shallow diving hard body lures and Blades are great in this area, where you can accurately cast your lure of choice very close to structure and strike zone. Be prepared to get snagged up occasionally but the Werribee river has an immense structure that is home to many Bream.  Some of the best options include grub style soft plastics such as Z-man grubZ, squidgee wrigglers and Savage Gear pro grubs. Minnow imitation style soft plastics such as Z-man slim swimZ, Savage Gear slim minnows. My favourite in the warmer months when bream are sitting in the edges are shallow diving hard body lures such as EcoGear SX Range, Daiwa Double-clutch, Jackall Chubby, Atomic Hardz, Savage fathead cranks. Blades and Vibes also work well but prone to weed making them at times not quite as effective.

Why not have a look at our detailed video on the best lures and soft plastics to use when fishing the Werribee River. Or our detailed guide on catching bream with lures.

Things change significantly if you plan on targeting Mulloway. You are more likely to catch these during the night or right on Sundown to Sunlight when predatory fish are on the move. Targeting Mulloway requires significantly stronger fishing gear ready to tackle a fish with immense power that can grow over a meter in length. Good baits for Mulloway include live mullet, salmon and whiting. With them carefully being rigged behind the back of the neck to allow the bait to swim freely or like a wounded fish. Dead baits can include pilchard, trevally, garfish, prawns, chicken & squid.

Soft plastics and that are generally larger then 70mm are a great starting point. Squidgies between 80mm and 100mm are good options here. We also recommend using natural coloured flick baits, shads, paddle tails and grubz are top choices, you can also purchase pre-made rigs such as slick rigs. Swimbaits are becoming increasingly popular and a great choice. Swimbaits are larger large designed to completely imitate a fish in its surrounding such as a mullet. Only 2 fishing lines permitted, Always carry your Victorian fishing license, and always follow catch limits. Where possible we encourage catch and release.

Werribee Boat and Kayak Access

Werribee is a wonderful location for boat and kayak access. Firstly there is the main boat ramp facility on Diggers road. Launching is now free. The boat ramp has multiple launching lanes, toilet facilities and fish cleaning tables. There are 6 launching lanes with dredging access out into port Phillip bay or the Werribee river. There are roughly 90 parking locations for both cars and trailers. The boat ramp is reasonably maintained but at times can have lots of weed making access a little slippery.

There is plenty of access for kayakers, this can be done at the boat ramp on any of the main beaches. Or you may launch between the old jet ski launch facility or along Wyndham Rockwall. Campbell’s Cove is close by and one of the most popular kayak launch facilities in the area. You can also launch a kayak near bungies hole opposite the Werribee angling club. There is also jetty access along the Werribee Riverbend historic park walking track.

Known Hazards along the Werribee River

There are highly venomous snakes along the Werribee River. We recommend wearing strong boots, and solid fabric pants. I have seen countless tiger snakes, brown snakes and the odd red-bellied snake in this area. A little while ago I was walking my dog near the Werribee wier wall and had a close encounter with a large tiger snake. If you have kids don’t let them wander off and keep an eye on them. Also, the mouth of the river is close to the sewage treatment centre opposite the Werribee Zoo. So do be careful of touching the water and eating fish in that immediate area.

Additions and corrections of this location

Thanks for reading the Werribee River Fishing Guide. If you feel this location guide is missing key information or needs any corrections made, then please let us know by emailing our team at enquiries@fishingmad.com.au with specific details in the email. Please also feel free to share any fishing pictures you have from this location with us. Thank you